Recent Loading(?) Errors

This week, we’ve been experiencing significant Studio loading errors including: unbearably slow speeds, numerous failures to load, perpetually incorrect rendering, repeated automatic logouts, an account status malfunction, and more. The point of this post is to hopefully draw attention to (and solve) these recent anomalies and not to bash Softr because we love it in general. Also, I wasn’t sure if this should be under “Bugs” or “Community”, but since it relates to errors…

So, starting a few days ago, there seems to have been an uptick in comments and posts on errors possibly related to loading:

Our own Studio problems started with Unexplained Account Downgrade? on the 24th, and they have gotten worse ever since.

I’m not claiming that these are definitely all connected, but when I searched for help here, this is what I found just from the last few days. I know that we are having lots of problems on our Studio, and I’m hoping that others may chime in if they are as well, so that we can all solve this together. Thank you.


We are having significant problems also. I’m not even able to get into Softr studio.

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Yep me too, one of my posts was in your list above.
Thanks for pulling it together.

I am able to get into Studio and re-create the missing blocks but it is slow.

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Just wanted to reply with an update to be sure I covered everything I could. I had someone come out to my office this afternoon to upgrade the hardware with the latest tech and run internet speed & compatibility tests on our fiber line. That seemed to get Softr to work at 75% capacity for all of 10 minutes. But then… Sadly… Back to the same thing - slow loading, failure to load, automatic logout, failure to save, etc. Meanwhile, everything else outside of the Softr Studio works great.

One observation I made about the last few days was that, for the first time, I started using the “copy to” function for sections within Softr. My train of thought for this is that Squarespace keeps a backend cache, and when their editor is acting up, customer support is able to clear it on my behalf.

Again, this is total speculation, and perhaps merely a coincidence, but I also didn’t have these issues before I started using that “copy to” function. Maybe the page is just simply trying to hold onto and load too much data from some sort of a cache? I don’t know. I’m running out of self-investigative options here…

I’m experiencing a lot of lag within the Softr studio. It’s fairly new, it became worse over the past 24 hours.

I’m also seeing delays and long page load times for my app, especially on mobile devices.

Has anything changed on the backend?

Our issues seem to have subsided on Friday morning and the platform ran great through the weekend. Perhaps @artur may have insight?

We haven’t made any changes lately. I’ll be talking to a few folks who have experienced issues to troubleshoot those live. We are not able to see any issues on our end yet. @nocodeking if you have 30 mins let’s do a live troubleshooting… Calendly - Artur Mkrtchyan

Our latency issues seem to have resolved as well. The Softr studio has been much more responsive over the last two days so it seems like things are back to normal, as far as I can tell. Loading the app via mobile is also responsive.