Made a achange and now can't see any existing blocks, only new ones

I have made a booboo.

I have Softr connected to Airtable. All was working fine.

I decided to tidy up my field naming, so went to my User table in Airtable and changed the field names (for example from “User Manager” to “user_manager”). It then dawned on me this might be an issue, so I tested it after only changing the User field names. It had broken something and it said it couldn’t find the field I had mapped as the User unique id (the email field).

I changed the names back, and to check it was OK I added a new user, then re-sync’d Softr users back to Airtable. That worked and just to test I added a new user in Airtable and that too came across to Softr.

But, but, but

When I use a magic link to log in as one of my users (which worked until I made the changes) I get the header (including the icon to show I am logged in) but the home page is blank. As are all the other pages.

I can click on the user icon in the header and it triggers the User Profile page, with the right email and user name, but if I make a change to the name and click update nothing happens. Again as a test I added a new User Profile block to the same page. So two blocks, my original and a new one. When I use the original the button does nothing, but the new block works fine and updates Airtable with changes to the users name.

I created a new list block on the home page to display all my users, then published and tried that. It works, the users are listed. I added a new hero block to the home page and again, that works.

All of my original pages and blocks appear as expected in Studio, I can see them, edit them, they show data as expected in Studio. But they don’t appear on published pages.

I have tried duplicating the blocks, that didn’t work. I also tried refreshing the Connections to the blocks, no luck.

I don’t know what I’ve broken that those pages don’t appear any longer when I publish?

Thanks for any help

Might not just be you…? I can’t access my Softr Studio at all right now.

Ah, could it be a co-incidence that I made changes?

PS - I have been recreating some of the pages while I wait to see if there is a solution… and I’d had some strange behaviour, as in I add a block, it all works fine, then it disappears from the preview. So I add another to check what is happening and that works, at least for the moment.

I think I’ll give it a rest for tonight, in case it isn’t me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Possibly! I passed along your post to Support since I was in a chat with them. The timing of this seems strange - especially because we’ve had loading issues all week.

Not sure what your exact layout is, and not sure this is relevant but worth looking into. One thing I was forced to remember the other day is that if you have a “List Details” page that is accessed via a “List”, the Record ID of that List item supersedes any other “List Details” section within that page. So, even though other List Detail sections from other Tables may display in the Studio, they won’t display on Published because the Record ID gets overridden.

Another thing on List Details pages in general is that if you’re adding a List section within it, that section will only correspond with conditions for the upper-most/primary section on that List Details page.

These were two learning points for me this week. Not sure if they will help, but at the very least, you may be able to cross something off of your list of troubleshooting.

Thank you for the update!