Loading takes a lot of time

I built Startuplaunch.tools. Loading takes a lot of time.


A user pointed out to the images in airtable. I have compressed them but they’re still not ideal. Anything else I could do?

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Following this. I also have crazy loading times - especially tables.

Hi guys, @ahmedtariq I double-checked your app on my end and the images loaded fast, there were no delays. What you can do is you can change the image formats to the .webp format as they have the smallest size.

Also, please try to test your app while using an Incognito mode of your browser, make sure that the internet is strong to load the images and that you do not use a device with older/deprecated versions of operating system.

Hi Marine,

Thanks for the input. I did figure out the images part, tried the following:

  • Converted them to jpeg from png
  • Compressed the jpeg
  • Converted them to webp

I couldn’t use the webp somewhere in my process other than softr so had to settle with compressed jpeg. The speed has improved quite a lot but can be better.

According to Pagespeed Insights the speed can be improved by:

  • Reduce initial server response time
  • Minimize main-thread work
  • Reduce JavaScript execution time

Hi @Marine.Hovhannisyan! I think something is going on - between this report, the other one from yesterday, our account issues on the 24th, and our perpetual failures to load and auto-logouts all week. This post could just be coincidence, but the timing is suspicious.

I booked a meeting with @artur for 3am Monday (my time), but I"m hoping this can be resolved earlier because it’s unsustainable.

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Hi @LUDLOW - how were you able to book a meeting?

@mscroggin after a couple of days back and forth with Support chat, they helped set it up.

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Thanks @LUDLOW we’re experiencing the same thing and it’s highly disruptive to our business processes.

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@kunch and @LUDLOW to clarify is the loading issue related to studio or rather the published app ?

Hi Artur, the issues for our case were inside the Studio. Published seemed to be unaffected. So far today, we haven’t had problems with the Studio - unlike the rest of the week. I’m optimistic that it has resolved itself as I continue working into the weekend.

We have seen a few users mention it, and we checked with 20+ users, and it was all fine. Jumping into a call would help. I can’t wait to figure it out.

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I’m not an expert, and I could be wrong, but there are some things that could be improved …

  1. js.stripe.com & m.stripe.network are loaded even though I don’t use stripe.
  2. Javascript and CSS are not compressed
  3. It looks like most of the JS is in the page instead of external .js file
  4. Scripts that are not essential are not loaded deferred or asynchronously.
  5. CSS looks like it’s on the page instead of in a .css file (306 lines)
  6. Images seem to be loaded in JS and therefore don’t benefit from the “lazy” attribute.

Not to mention the fact that the blocks are displayed in any order, with the lightest first, which is very ugly. And probably not good for Google Vitals ( Layout Shifting Elements)

Maybe none of this is optimizable for reasons of technical choice, I don’t know :man_shrugging:

@yannick, can you share a page where you did not expect stripe code, but it has been there ?

Hey @artur of course : https://propally.app

I’m not sure stripe js files are added by us vs some custom script on your end. I will check again a bit later and let you know

With pleasure yes thank you :slight_smile:
Don’t hesitate to ask me for more information

Hi. Any suggestion regarding loading times? I have a Softr site, nothing fancy, that displays list with details from an airtable base.
I’m getting a poor 31 in Performance Review. Main pain points seem to be

  • Minimize Main thread work
  • Reduce javascript execution time.

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Performance Report