Sort Data Not Working?

I have a table that I asked to be sorted by column A (date) oldest to newest (z to a)… but it is messing up on the earlier dates going from 1/9/2023 to 11/19/2021, then 2/2/2023… when it should be 11/19/2021, 11/19/2021, 6/14/2022, 7/12/2022, 1/9/2023.

The problem is that when out of order the balance looks off, too! Like they have more money then no money, then more money again but didn’t spend any!

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

Hey @bethseam, can you please add a new table block and check again to eliminate any issues connected with the block version? I tested it on my end and the sorting by date fro Z to A is working as expected.

Hi again Marine… Thank you for your reply. I did what you said and it’s still not working but I think the issue is that I am sorting by date and the date setting is dd/mm/yyyy. I’m in the US so we use mm/dd/yyyy and so when I type 1/19/2023, the next DAY in dd/mm would be 11/19… So I need to figure out how to change the date settings.

Do you know how to do this?

Hi @bethseam if you have problems with sorting dates, and using Airtable, try to change the “Data Field” to US if you are in that area…

I am using Google sheets. Any idea there? Its correct on my Google sheet.

Hi @bethseam , so can you check in Google Sheets??It makes sense to be in the data…

I’m having the same issue right now :smiley: