Push notifications

I think push notifications are very needed when you need to create internal tools.
Using 3rd party services is very time consuming and not so easy, so it would be great if Softr will implement this functionality inside the tool.
Do you know if Softr is doing it? Any timeline?


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Hey @Programmer89, thank you for sharing your feedback. We will consider it when panning further app improvements!

I think you guys really should. It’s a very needed feature. It will create an opportunity for a dozens type of apps/websites. I for one was under the impression this was a planned thing, I asked some time back about it in a support direct ticket. It’s probably one feature that will decide if im forced to look for other solutions or not.

Hey @ArmandoNikol thanks a lot for the interest in the push notification feature we are indeed considering to add them! May I ask you the use cases that you are interested in, and after what actions are you willing to send push notifications?

As of now I’m building a booking solution where my clients can put in orders (Staff related). Right now I am using SMS notifications for clients when their orders have been confirmed, booked etc. It works because it’s a low volume b2b solution.

But I am looking to create also a staffing solution all in one with the booking system. In such way that my clients can see in real time the teams, timesheets and other info. If that would be possible I would move away from my current staffing app. The main problem for that is that notifications can’t be emails or sms. Sending several times a day Bulk SMS is costly and emails are very annoying for the staff.
From all the feedback that I got and from other apps email notifications are the least effective.

So having push notifications in the app allows the creation of any type of staffing solution. Notify the workforce about new shifts, open shifts, confirmed on shift, declined etc.
I would also move the client notifications to push notifications if I had the chance. Confirmed order, Booked, Changes etc.

There’s more utility to it but it goes in the same lines

I am also looking in the future for a booking system in the cosmetics field where again I can already tell that push notifications and reminders could be a great addition.

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I can say the same, I think that push notifications are very needed when you need to build internal tool.
I’m now creating a field operation tool and without notifications it is very hard to do it.
Thanks for your support

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Guys, thanks a lot for sharing your feedback and use cases, they help our Product team a lot in understanding how the offered suggestion will work in this or that situation.

Hi all. i have asked this similar question here, but for the PWA mobile app instead.

Push notification will be my xmas project :))


In this development there should be the option:

  • Inform when there are content updates
  • notification reminding to use the app

Sounds like Xmas gifts to all of us

Best Christmas present ever

Hi all, just checking in on this, i wish there was a way to push notifications to my staff when there is a new post added to a row on Airtable. A push notification on the PWA would be so good.