Recent PWA iOS Notification Pop Up?

Today I noticed when I clicked my PWA Icon on my iphones home screen I had a new notification pop up on my login screen asking if I would like to receive notifications? I haven’t used the app in quite a while, so not sure how new it is. Is this a Softr thing or iOS thing? Will Softr be allowing push notifications? If so, that would be great :slight_smile:

Hey @Nick, thanks for your feedback. This is a new feature added by iOS, but we are also planning to add push notifications to our PWA apps. Thanks for sharing your feedback with us :slight_smile:

Hello Marine!

Ok, may you tell us how to do it using make and IOS api then to link it the webapp thanks much

We still do not have the option of adding push notifications to Softr for iOS devices. You will need to open your device Settings and enable the notifications coming from Softr.

But how to send notifications to my users?

Do you use Airtable or Google Sheets as a data source for your app?

I use airtable


We are planning on adding a push notifications option to Softr by the end of December :tada: Meanwhile, you can use AIrtable Automations to send user emails when a new change is taking place in their accounts.

Any update on push notifications?

Hey @MattJ,

Unfortunately there isn’t any update on this yet, we are surely going to have this feature but I cannot mention ETA.

I will make sure to update the thread once I have an update.