Make (Integromat) Webhook Redirect after Call API Button?

Hi Softr users,

Is it possible to redirect users after a Call API button is clicked and data is submitted to a webhook? Ideally, this would be possible by a Make webhook response.

Or, at least to reload the page after 1 - 2 seconds after the button is clicked?

I tried several methods posted in the following threads:

Sadly, none of them worked.

Some info on the setup:

I have four record lists on one page, each with four buttons. The buttons are used to move the records shown in these lists between them (each list is a different user category) or “delete them” (which means unlinking the record from the main record). All lists show only records that are linked to a main record that’s handled by a list detail block.

I can’t use record update buttons because the records linking to each other are all in one table and users are only supposed to see the records that are linked to them. So, hence why I use a Make backend automation to handle this but I can’t find a way to use a webhook response redirect or reload the page.