Auto refresh list blocks when list details blocks are updated

When a record is updated (edited) on a list details block that was opened with a modal from a list block, the list block does not reflect the change until the page it is on is manually refreshed. Please incorporate an auto-refresh of list blocks when their synced list details blocks are updated. Otherwise, users do not view changes made to list block records and think their updates did not work. Thank you.

Hi Ben,

While waiting for this feature, if you need a custom code, that would auto refresh the parent page (impossible to auto refresh a block from custom code) each time you update a record, this would be possible.

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
  window.addEventListener('update-record-success-list-details1', () => {

This is to be inserted in the footer of the page settings where the list-details block is. Replace list-details1 by the corresponding block ID

Not sure if it’s perfectly your use case, as I don’t have a lot of information but worth the try.

(I tested it by reproducing how I imagine your use case, it works!)


Right. Thanks Matthieu. Sounds similar to this.

Not exactly, no.

I too would like to express my interest in this feature.
Thank you!

Hi Beau. If you haven’t tried it, this workaround will update a parent list block when the list details modal is closed:

@matthieu_chateau do you know if there are any updates on reloading block from Record event listener? Reloading the whole page is not great experience on my app unfortunately

Hi Rebecca,

Reloading blocks is not possible (except for the calendar block maybe, I have to test)

Maybe @artur has a better overview of the future improvements about it.