List / Table view - Grouping records


Very new to Softr, so please bare with me.

I have a schedule in Airtable, which I would like to display in Softr (amongst other things from my base).

It is very important that I can group records by date - as per this shared Airtable view :

I don’t think this is possible in Softr - is that correct? It’s a deal breaker for me so I am hoping it is possible!


You can share your airtable’s view ( [Embed this view on your site] ) and add the code as a custom code in softr


Currently the only option is Sort by Date, but I am note sure if this will work for you. Perhaps you can check it.




Thanks for your replies. Afraid that doesn’t really work.

I have lots of entries in Airtable like the below

18th March / 8am / do something
18th March / 8.30am / do something else
18th March / 10am / do the next thing
19th March / 8am / start over again
Etc etc

Just having a long list of entries does not make it very legible or clear - which is really important for me.

Ideally I’d have

18th March
8am / do something
8.30am / do something else
10am / do the next thing

19th March
8am / start over again
Etc etc

Really hope this is possible in Softr as it does everything else I need.

Thanks again

Oh that’s interesting and May work.

Would I have control over fonts / borders etc and be able to keep the grouping


Hello all

Still struggling with this - the attached example is the best I can get - but it is rubbish!

Any other ideas?

To create this, I created a different view for each of my groups in Airtable, then duplicated the table in Softr and selected the relevant view.

Of course this is clunky (to say the least) - but also -

Does not allow filters or sort to work across all the tables
I can’t see a way of adding the date to the top of each table. (the left hand most column is redundant)Screenshot 2022-04-30 at 10.43.42 pm

Any other ideas would be most welcome!


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Hey @daviesap,

If you could add a photoshop pic where you would show where exactly you want to see the I would try to help or at least add it as a feature request.


One solution is to add a Date filter.

This is added as a feature request @MFAB :slight_smile:

Hi Suzie - are you the person I was chatting with today via the website?

Hi @daviesap, Yes :slight_smile:

Hi Suzie

Do you happen to know if there is an update on this?

Hey @daviesap,

Still no updates on this. This is added to Features list but not sure when it will be prioritised and released.