Group Airtable records in list views

Adding @daviesap post to group lists by Airtable data value as a feature request.

For example , list tasks by project:

  1. Project 1
    Project 1 - Task 1
    Project 1 - Task 2
    Project 1 - Task 3
  2. Project 2
    Project 2 - Task 1
    Project 2 - Task 2
    Project 2 - Task 3

Thanks for the post @MFAB,

This has been added as a feature request.

Any news about this?

Hey @zuend,

This feature is not available yet, we have been working on a big release recently, will start implementing of the new features soon :slight_smile:

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Hi @Suzie Iā€™m wondering if there is any update on the potential to group records in list views? Thanks!

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This would be a huge help. Saves many clicks and additional pages. Any plans to release?

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