Internal apps and client portals: how to automate the user creation with

Hi all,
A use case that many of you can have: you build an internal app, which may not have a sign up process but only a log in process.
How to add, automatically, a user/client inside Softr, Airtable and generate a magic link in order to let him/her enter your app seamlessly. All this from your live Softr app, without having to go back and forth from a tool to an other tool.

  1. Before everything, you need a “users” table in Airtable and make sure that this table is linked to Softr inside the Users settings (Screenshot 1 & 2)
  2. Add a customizable form block somewhere in your app to add your users/clients. Choose the option “send to make” and collect the full name and email, you just don’t need more. (Screenshot 3)
  3. Follow the well explained process to add a Make custom webhook (screenshot 4)
  4. This what looks like the Make automation (screenshot 5, 6)

Don’t forget to check “Yes” in the last module for “generate magic link”
Your Softr API Key is in your dashboard, at the top right corner of your softr dashboard (see screenshot 7)
You don’t have to worry about creating a user in Airtable: if the user is created in Softr, it will be added to Airtable, automatically.

  1. Last but not least, set up an Airtable automation to send the magic link (also automatically added in Airtable from Softr) each time a user is created (screenshot 8 and 9).
    The second part of the Airtable automation, “send email” is also related to the users table.

  2. You’re set!

If something is unclear/missing, feel free to point it out!



Hey @matthieu_chateau,

I appreciate you shared this info, your insights were truly helpful. :star_struck:

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Hey @matthieu_chateau , thanks for sharing your approach to automatically generate “magic link”. I was exactly looking for this solution and I found your post. Nice one!

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You’re welcome!

Hey @matthieu_chateau - thanks for sharing this.

I have a use case where one user could manage two or more profiles/people, e.g. one parent who has two children (but uses just one email address for themself).

I want the parent to be able to log-in and manage, and edit the profiles for each child, and also to be able to select a child to be able to then add them to a competition.

Would this be as simple as having a users table for the parent, a multiple linked record to a child/participant table? Would the parent be able to change the details of the child profiles?

Thanks a lot @matthieu_chateau this is really helpful. Next year we will work on two ways sync too. However this solution is pretty cool as one can add user into slack and trigger same user being added into Softr too!

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@Lobbers ,
Yes this shouldn’t be a problem. Though it seems it’s not related to this guide doc, if I’m correct?

Anyway, here is the global process for your use case (some details might be missing, but you should make it easily):
A parent becomes a user. Then you add a form somewhere, let’s say “add your children”. Each time a child has to be added = the parent will use the form. It will create a record within the children table. You will need to add a hidden field to catch the email (or the recordId) of the parent (as it is the parent that would enter the data and create new records). This hidden field will points to the link record field in Airtable, linking the parent table and the children table (not to the lookup field, if there is one!)

The children profiles will be displayed within a list block and the details of every child in a list details block (accessible on click in a modal or in an other page). In the list details block, enable the edit option, create edit permissions in the app settings, and that’s it.

Parents will be able to edit the records of their children and only their children.

Note that you can make a specific design for displaying the children and their details, in Softr, without having to create two pages (here it’s managers, but can be used for any use case). Check the first part of the video :point_down:

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Yes, this is important for internal apps of SMBs/Startups, I have this use case with one of my client who wants to use this process with Slack and another with Hubspot.

Other classic B2B operation processes can be used: manually reviewing the information of a lead or a partner or a client, then edit a value inside Airtable or directly inside the Softr app (if there is a built admin portal, next to a client portal, which is 100% doable) to run the Make scenario.

Most of the SMBs internal apps inquiries have to take their place in a process that already exists, which implies a bit of operation consulting in addition to the pure building work :sweat_smile: (+ the use of Make)

Thanks @matthieu_chateau - yes, it was not directly related to the guide, but it triggered some thoughts on how I can do this, and I very much appreciate you taking the time to respond. Thank you :+1:

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