How to make more than 2 (of the new) action buttons appear next to each other without the [...] button hiding them?

Hi Community, I am struggling with the new action buttons seemingly by default hiding the 3rd and further buttons when there are more than 2 action buttons per element? Thanks for your help in advance! Stephan


Hi @vonperger, to be honest it’s not possible yet, though the Product team is collecting all the feedbacks regarding the action buttons to take into consideration for the next updates.
Hope what you’re looking for will become available soon :slightly_smiling_face:

I second this update - would be great to have the option to make more than just only 1 or 2 buttons visible for better user experience!

@CXA thanks a lot for sharing your feedback. Indeed, we plan to improve our action buttons in the future, so I will add your message as a feature request to consider when planning further app updates.

I can’t seem to make any more than 1 button before seeing the second hidden by a … button. Would also like more options here.

I agree. Since I’ve started implementing these buttons and starting demos with my users, I am realizing why it is such a big UX consideration… My users simply aren’t discovering the buttons or even attempting to click “…” on their own!

(I will definitely include this in my onboarding/guidance materials, but let’s be realistic, not many users actually follow those instructions, or read them at all :face_with_hand_over_mouth: we’re humans haha)

Could consider giving a feature [in softr app settings] to allow “pinning” buttons and re-sizing depending on what is listed? Just an idea!

A less functional but more aesthetic and visual nav- improvement suggestion: perhaps allow adding icons to action buttons in same way as for navigation sections? I’ve been trying to hack it by using copy/paste emojis but an icon set would be a level up :slight_smile: less text to convey same meaning = easier to fit buttons on screens

Less critical, the simple existence of the buttons themselves are a massive improvement in itself. Thank you Softr team for making so many big updates recently, it’s making a huge difference for us :heart:

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There is one option to see more than 2 buttons displayed at the same time. It is to include multiple list blocks showing only the buttons. In each list block you can see 2 buttons, so you could create an array of buttons: 2-4-6…
No ideal, buttons will appear in columns, not in line, and maybe difficult to align sizes, but its an option.


That’s how I have my current configuration set up :slight_smile: I just dont love the layout LOL but it does work!

Any news here? Mentioned this on April 4th, would be great if we can have an update on this sooner than later so we do not need to use time consuming workarounds :pray:t4: