How to make more than 2 (of the new) action buttons appear next to each other without the [...] button hiding them?

I am using two one-click update buttons on a List Block (with deletable elements, vertical cards). It seems very strange that the first button shows the button label (of just three characters) and the second button shows three dots (the label is/would be four characters) and generate a dropdown of one item. Can we expect an update to this behaviour and others noted in this thread already? Any time soon please?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting worried about the overall lack of response and communication from the Softr team. I said my rant in another thread several months back when they brought on Sisa… there needs to be more communication to bridge the gap between the community and internal development work.

We understand that things at this stage need to remain agile, adaptable, and often feature deadlines can’t be held to hard timelines… but we need more than what we’re getting right now.

Many of us are relying on Softr apps now for daily business, they are production apps, in use and we’re really not hearing a whole lot from the Softr team. I get feature requests weekly from users and I have no new info to provide anyone. There are a TON of basic needs and features still lacking in Softr today, including this one.

Hi @nocodeking we are always happy to hear the requests and we do our best to resolve those.

We are working on new lists and grids that would enable up to two buttons then … will be visible however there will be no option to make all buttons visible… if you have more than three

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@artur, we do appreciate you and the team taking our requests into consideration; many of us are your biggest supporters and Softr is allowing us to accomplish things that some of us could only dream of before.

What’s not being addressed is the ever growing disconnect between us (your user base) and the work that’s being done behind the scenes on the backend. We don’t necessarily need to see how the “sausage is made” so to speak; however, the common answer we receive from Softr is that something is “in the works” or “it’s being worked on” (with no other info) and this could go on for many months as we’ve seen.

There’s nothing really tangible about those statements. The feature could be years out, or it could be days out but we have no way to plan for it as app developers. Does working on it mean someone is actively developing it? Is it just in planning? I can’t speak for others but I’m working with high profile clients and it’s becoming a problem.

I don’t know how others are feeling but I encourage folks to express their thoughts, whether you agree or disagree with my sentiments.


@nocodeking, thanks for your feedback! What would be the ideal way to communicate on those topics?

We do webinars, publish the roadmap, and have pretty open channels like the community here, slack channel, live chat, and so on… I’m very keen to figure out the format that could work better, and we could try it out… Happy to hear your thoughts

Something we haven’t yet tried is some sort of office hours concept where you folks could just join a call and ask questions and discuss various topics…


I think you guys do a really good job of providing conversational dialogue when needed. Support is always very attentive and I feel like the community base does have access to communicate with your team when needed.

For me, it would be super helpful to understand what your team is focused on in terms of developmental priorities.

Is there anything you can offer us to add some additional structure to the public roadmap items?

1. Roadmap > In Progress > List Blocks Redesign: This sounds awesome… but what does it entail? Sharing the team’s vision and additional details for the direction of list blocks would be super helpful in planning out the future of our apps. Many of us are waiting on some pretty foundational features and it would be helpful to know if they’re being included in any of the current roadmap items. Furthermore, does the feature have a prerequisite, is it hinging on another feature to be completed?

2. Timing. This is a big one. Again, understanding the need for agility at this point is understood by most of us; however, can we get some type of timeline attached to the roadmap items? Or “phases”?

3. Priorities. Adding some priorities to the upcoming features list could add value to better understand what’s being focused on. (ex: Are you focused on building out additional datasources right now to expand’s greater overall abilities and the smaller features like table block redesign are getting pushed aside? Are there 2 separate teams working in parallel on those?) A little context would go a long way here (and apologies if this was covered elsewhere, I haven’t seen it).

4. Community Input. As I said before, the conversations and dialogues happening within these communication channels is invaluable; however, it’s hard to measure community needs when it’s not a formalized process.

For instance, if there was a feature request board where members could submit a formal feature request and allow other members to upvote each, then you would have measurable insights as to what users are waiting on to do their work. I think it would help tell the narrative and provide greater visibility without some of the frustration we’re seeing in various threads.

Many are waiting on improvements to the table block, which have been discussed and asked for by various users but I still don’t know where they actually stand. Table row shading instead of gridlines, table grouping, bulk actions (so users can select “check all” and apply a single action instead of playing the point and click game a ton of times). When a Fortune 50 company asks us for an update on a requested feature, it would help us to be able to either show them it’s in the pipeline or it’s planned for next year, or it’s not going to be looked at right now. These will help us plan and budget accordingly.

Some additional transparency around new features with an emphasis on the process in which they’re being looked at and/or rolled out would really help my organization as we continue our Softr quest.

Rant over, thanks for listening :upside_down_face:


Dear Softr,

With all due respect this needs to be said - hopefully you’ll get some valuable insight from this:

This thread is a prime example where you highly underestimate the importance of managing your clients’ expectations. Since the problem/request has been raised in April 2023 (!), you left your clients hanging.

And what makes it worse is that initially you (Softr) initially created high expectations (*) without backing it up. Instead of any updates, there’s complete radio silence. And yesterday’s response is just another vague ‘we are working on’ response, instead of a clear and concise statement of what/when/where exactly. Please say something specific or show a tangible deliverable (which could be a show of an example, depending on the stage that you’re in) and deadline for delivery (or at LEAST an indication thereof).

Another thing I noticed is that many easy questions on this forum are answered promptly and enthusiastically. But many harder questions are simply ignored or has a vague response (such as the topic on performance of Softr website and how to improve it). Better client expectations management would be to just say what you think, even if you don’t know or think it’s too much to ask of Softr.

It is simply impossible to run a business on this ‘we do whatever we feel like’ attitude. Currently, I am testing (reliable) alternative… but partly due to Softr’s sweet talk I am already locked-in to some extend. This doesn’t feel right, as Softr shouldn’t want to keep hold on to clients by witholding truths (for example that they’re unable to manage a 3+ button block within the next year or so).

(*) in April 2023 Softr created high expectations - especially because of the lack of any updates indicating that things would be otherwise:

Hi @vonperger, to be honest it’s not possible yet, though the Product team is collecting all the feedbacks regarding the action buttons to take into consideration for the next updates.
Hope what you’re looking for will become available soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear @thijs

You mentioned it very well :slight_smile: Many times, we might want to deliver X feature optimistically and overpromise in some areas, and then you folks push hard, and we end up communicating less precise dates/deliverables. It’s a common issue, and I think none in the Software field or in any field tries to be precise for the same reason… If you find any company that always communicates clear delivery dates, connect us to learn from :slight_smile:

After checking the thread again, I’m not clearly seeing if we said we would even do this… until yesterday, as I already know what the designs look like; we might go with some design decisions that might not allow this at all or take another route… for features like this we always take your input, but it doesn’t mean if it works for 10 users will also work 10K users…

At the end of the day, if such a detailed feature is important for changing a platform, I think you need to reconsider your approach and have developers perhaps build what you need.


Hi @artur ,

You’re welcome,

I am not too familiar with the software industry, but from my little experience I can confirm that most companies do a better job at expectations management (if only by not creating any expectations as mentioned earlier).

And calling a +3-button block “such a detailed feature” is telling how the expectations between you/Softr and (at least part of) your clients are not aligned. In this forum I have seen many signals, that should have made you aware that (again, at least part of) your users find this feature much more than “such a detailed feature”.

And you’re right, although I am not sure how fast I’ll succeed I am indeed reconsidering my approach - not just for this +3 button issue, that was just one example.


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@nocodeking great input!

We are putting together a plan on how to improve communication… We will update the community here in the next few weeks.


Hi @nocodeking @thijs,

I’m Geda from the Product Team, and I’d like to warmly thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns with us. It’s crucial for us to hear from you, and I’m here to shed some light on a few areas based on your feedback.

  • Product Direction: In a recent webinar and blog post, we’ve laid out our plans and focus areas for the year. These resources are designed to provide insights into the direction we’re taking with our product. We hope you find them informative and helpful in understanding our goals.
  • Product Roadmap Updates: Our team is currently juggling various bigger projects, and we’ve made it a point to update our roadmap with more information. The smaller improvements are more fluid and sometimes come faster than we can schedule, but rest assured, we’re committed to making continuous enhancements.
  • Community Insights: Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we take it seriously in our decision-making processes. Community is one of the sources the Product Team is looking at. We also have a structured method for collecting insights from all our customers via a form that directly reaches our product team. This ensures your suggestions and concerns are heard loud and clear.
  • Engagement with the Community: We recognize the immense value of engaging with our community. To enrich our conversations, the other PMs and I are eager to get more involved in the discussions, and we’re setting up a weekly rotation to participate.
  • Support for Agencies and Freelancers: We’re thrilled to see increasing agencies and freelancers adopting our product for building client projects. Recognizing the importance of a close and mutually beneficial relationship, we plan to build a more official agency program this year.

Your input is a cornerstone of our growth and improvement. Let’s continue this dialogue to make our product even better together. :raised_hands:


@gedastava @artur Thank you both for following up on this, this is a great starting point for updates and improvements!

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I also wanted to express my gratitude to @gedastava and @artur for their valuable insights in this thread, and I fully echo the sentiments shared by @nocodeking.

@artur’s point about the scalability of solutions is particularly noteworthy. As he rightly pointed out, what works seamlessly for a smaller user group may not necessarily scale the same way when the user base expands to thousands or more. It’s a crucial reminder that the challenges and requirements of a growing user base can introduce complexities that might not be immediately apparent.

In the realm of no-code and low-code solutions, the community discussions we see here might represent a small fraction of the diverse user base. Each user may have unique needs and use cases, and what resonates with a few users might not align with the broader community.

So, while the interactions, requests, and inputs we witness are undeniably valuable, it’s essential to approach them with a recognition that they may not fully represent the diverse landscape of all users.

Once again, thank you to everyone contributing to this discussion – it’s through these conversations that we gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in utilizing across different scales and scenarios.


It looks like the orignal intent of this discussion came off the rails slightly!

Is this issue likely to ever be fixed?

I’m still rocking a very old list where I could add 7 buttons but it’s starting to look a little dated now


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