Form to edit Airtable fields?

Is there a simple and user-friendly form which will allow editing of predetermined Airtable fields? I’m thinking something like the User Profile form, but to edit the details for any record in Airtable which is selected from a list, not for the logged-in user.

I realize that in the list view there is a pen to edit a particular record’s details, but the problem is that edit popup is a random mess of every field the logged-in user has access to, not a curated and formattable list based upon specific topics (e.g. one page to edit contact information, another to edit our internal details/staff assigned, etc).

Thanks, Carl.

Hi Carl,
Updating a record with a Softr form is impossible for now. This will be enabled with the release of Softr forms 2.0.

Meanwhile, here is a documentation of Airtable to know how to update a record with a form.

This should be possible to adapt it with the current softr forms.

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Thanks for the tip - that’s an awful lot of complicated steps for a “no-code” app. And it’s also not really our work flow- we want a (logged in) staffer to use Softr to pick any Airtable record to edit when something changes, not have a one-time approval process.

I’m guessing you’ve been asked this, but what’s the ETA on Forms 2.0?

Yes, this is overly complicated, I totally agree.

Note that I am not part of the Softr team, even if I would love, but in the last news: end of december / very beginning of january. To be confirmed (and there is always a 2-3 weeks possible time variation)

Thanks, Matthieu. I just did a community forums search for Forms 2.0, and it sounds like since June the completion date has perpetually been “about six weeks away”. Fingers crossed we see it in 2022.


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Yes I know, I’m waiting for it a lot too :joy:, fingers crossed!

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Hi Carl. I strongly agree with your no-code sentiments. This could be so useful in many different use cases, since you can pass a lot of useful hidden info with Softr’s forms. Not to be contrary, however, I just heard differently over hear: