Dropdown with list of options from Airtable

I am using a customizable form and I want to have a Dropdown field that has as options the items of another table on the Airtable. Is it any way to add dynamic options to a list?

Thank you in advance

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agree this would be nice

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Is it any workarounds?

Hey @Ioannis_Roungeris,

Do you mean adding those options automatically?

@Suzie yes, like dynamic lists but inside of a form.
Or to add a dynamic list above and based on user’s selection to pass that information into the form (both in the same page)

Dear @Ioannis_Roungeris,

We are going to release a functionality with the new release for forms which will allow pulling up the data for Dropdown field from Airtable automatically.

This will be supported for Airtable Single/Multi select and Linked Fields.

So I assume once the release is done you can simply build you want want.

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Great! Do you know the timeline for this to be available?

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