Data Sources Diversity

Came across the data sources available with Noloco - Softr’s competitor. I see some overlap with Softr and Softr actually being ahead with Hubspot and Biq Query.

But maybe more importantly, I see Xano, Postgress and MySQL on the other list.

Seems like while the niche SaaS data sources are important for specific use cases, ultimately, generic SQL and API data source access would open up the floodgate of user adoption and the diversity of apps built.

Interested to see what the others might think.



MySql, Xano and Supabase are in the roadmap of Softr for this year =>

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Hi @bbelo ,

Thanks for your message. We’re actively working on SQL now, which will include datasources like Xano, MySQL and others. Maybe we’ll see it live in the next month! Tons more coming too!

Good suggestions about API data sources. How might you use a REST API integration in your apps?

@bbelo @matthieu_chateau should we get you into the closed beta ? (will be soon :smiley: )

@artur , I’d love to get into the closed beta! Our app (client portal) is using Airtable for the user level detail, but the content database is on Xano (due to Airtable scale / row size limitations). We have custom code that retrieves data from Xano and then we iframe it into the Softr app. Kind of clunky and not very secure.

Would love a more “native” / seamless approach.


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Thanks @bbelo could you pls signup here Signup for SQL Datasources and you will hear from us in about 2 weeks

Done! (Obviously)

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Done! Looking forward.

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Here it is!

May 15th may become the first day of the new chapter for Softr app development! Can’t come soon enough. Truly looking forward to this… :star_struck:


I’m registered for beta access :heart_eyes:
Also, I like the way feedback will be recorded through:

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I still have a long way to go to move from the friendly airtable datasource, and start in the major leagues of datasources.

I have read that you can spend your whole carrier becomming proficient in SQL.

Would love any advice on where to start to make the move to integrate real databases with nocode projects.

It depends on the data source.

Xano, for instance, is more no-code with data accessible primarily via APIs. They do run their backend on Postgres, so SQL access is available, too.

Supabase, on the other hand, is more no-code/low-code, where some knowledge of SQL is required to build stuff out and then you can access either via SQL or API.

Then you have more traditional DBs, like MySQL and Postgres, Big Query, MS SQL, Oracle, the list goes on and on. Those are definitely SQL heavy.

It is unclear what Softr has up their sleeve with SQL db access. Is it going to be SQL or API based? How will the connectivity, object and element management be implemented? How will the element/value bindings will be implemented? We all can’t wait to see.

That aside, I would strongly recommend at least a basic SQL knowledge of how to build a SELECT statement, how to join tables, how to write WHERE and GROUP BY filters, how a primary / foreign key relationship works.

Plenty of material in books, online classes, youtube and, of course, chatgpt.

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I appreciate it, thank you.

Search for NocoDB. It’s a self hosted Airtable-like database that can read/write/edit Postgres DBs. So, you can turn any DB into an Airtable-like and use it with Softr. You just need to create a Postgres DB on your own server and then get the external URL for the database to connect with NocoDB. I think Softr is going to have the same option for connection, using URL

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I did the search.

But there is an issue, they limit the number of records on every plan.

I want a friendly datasource service who does not limit the number of records you can work with, this is the whole point of making the move from airtable. The record limitations.

You gotta search more my friend. There’s no limit if you self host. That’s the whole point of sql

My friend… I will take your advise, and definitely keep searching.

So, the SQL data sources private beta is out. Great!

First unpleasant surprise for the Xano users - to use the DB Connector (i.e. direct sql connection) you have to be on Xano’s Premium (Scale) plan, which is more than x2 more expensive than the Launch plan, which satisfies the majority of small/medium size SaaS apps.

The Scale plan is meant for really high-flying apps requiring unlimited tasks, load balancers, private file storage, middleware - really high-end stuff.

Unfortunately, the DB Connector, while not a “high end” item itself, is part of that plan only. It’s a non-starter for us :frowning:

If only Softr and Xano could work out some kind of deal to make the DB Connector available on the Launch plan (I am betting nearly all Softr users would be on the Xano Launch plan) to make the new Softr feature actually accessible/usable…