Data Sources Diversity

Very interesting feedback, to amplify your voice,make sure to also post it on every channel related to sql datasources.

I’ve also sent a message to Xano. Perhaps they can work together with Softr to develop a reasonable path to utilizing this new Softr feature.

@bbelo we will add XANO API too (no date set yet) but was easy to bring it in as SQL too which has is pros and cons :slight_smile:

Thank you @artur . I was wondering if Softr was planning to do an API approach - something that other nocode frontends typically utilize. I figured as much, Softr went for SQL access to get something out quicker and cover a broader category of data sources. Makes sense.

For what it’s worth, I must retract part of my statement above, which Xano users might find helpful. Upon talking with Xano earlier today, I’ve clarified that the DB Connector is available on the Launch plan. However, you have to be on the new Launch plan. I’ve been on the Launch Legacy plan from before Xano raised their prices last year, inheriting a bit lower pricing, but (obviously) lacking in some newer features, with the DB Connector being one of them.

So, I have a decision to make to jump up to the new Launch plan, but I would presume most of Softr’s Xano users should be in good shape from the get-go.