Custom Shape Dividers

There is any way to have this piece of code from working in Softr pages. Imagine to be able to shape the background of blocks.

If any devs can figure out how to make this work, please help!

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you may be interested by this.

If you meant to do it directly inside softr studio, like having the possibilty to have a shape divider directly inside softr studio, well, that’s impossible except being part of their engineering team.

If you want shapedivider to appear on your app/website, maybe you could embed it with an iframe and a custom code block (not sure it would work) but, anyway, that would be a copyright infringement. So no.


This is amazing, thank you for let me know.

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I just landed here looking to ask the same question. It’s a shame that this is not possible yet, it’d be amazing if Softr could add the possibility of adding different types of dividers or at least allow to upload our own svg dividers.