[CRITICAL] Redirection on Signup to not automatically login to the newly created user

We have a use case where our internal employees create users for clients.
We have a page visible only to our company employees and in that page, we have a “Sign up form”.

When filling up the form, our company employees are logged in to their Softr User, set with employees permissions.
The issue is that once they submit the form, and thus create a new user for a customer, the “Sign up form” logs them out of their employee user and log them in to the newly created customer user.

We need a fix for that as it is critical for us to continue development. We need to be able to not automatically log in to the newly created user and just refresh the page the employee sees (or in other words, “Open an external URL” or “Open page” on the same page the employee was on) without any forced log out.

Or alternatively, we need a workaround.

Would love to use your help, this one is critical, thanks :smiley:

Would this help you? Internal apps and client portals: how to automate the user creation with Make.com

Your employees need to use a customizable form to add users, not the sign up form. A sign up form is made to sign up the current user, it’s logic and it shouldn’t be otherwise, this is made for clean app development.

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