Conditional Form Fields

Show some fields only when certain requirements are met (ie. Field “is”, “is not”, “is one of”, “is none of”, “is empty”, “is not empty”).


Planned for Q3 this year


Yes. Currently, for models that need relevant info from users, the softr forms are inadequate. Without conditionality, forms cause friction for users and admin. Also forms don’t discriminate enough for relevant database field data collection. For instance, if there’s a quantity limit set by a supplier in your base, currently there is no way to limit the options in a softr dropdown field to that limit. Hope this gets addressed since this is a crucial feature for ALL USERS, including marketplace builders .

This would be super-helpful.

In my use case, I’m creating a member directory. Each member will have a profile record with options to show/hide their Email and Phone from the listings. So, for example, on the listing details page (i.e. the member’s “public” profile), if the “Display Email in Directory?” option is set to “Yes”, it should be displayed. Otherwise it should not even display the field on the form.

I’m watching this thread and hope for an update soon!

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My workaround for this use case was to create a formula field. Members have the option to display their Email and Phone numbers in the Member Directory.

For Email (the primary column for my member table is called “Member ID” which contains the member’s Email address:
IF(OR({Show Email}='No',{Show Email}=''),'',{Member ID})

For Phone:
IF(OR({Show Phone}='No',{Show Phone}=''),'',Phone)


Hi Artur,

any Updates on that topic?


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Hey @KAi,

Let me sub in for Artur. If everything goes as planned, the feature might be released by the end of Q4.



Hi Suzie,

thank you for the info!



Dear Kai,

You are welcome :slight_smile:

I am also excited for this feature. Will it also allow for data validation for numbers only in a field?


Hey @Cheryl,

I will add this as a feature request and will post it here once I get an update from the dev. team :slight_smile:


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This option is absolutely necessary and I am glad to hear that it is coming.
Will it give the opportunity to check that a phone number in a form has been provided with the expected number of characters?
Thank you

Hey @PGH,

Glad to hear you are waiting for the option to be released :slight_smile:

Do you mean limitation?

Hello Suzie,

I mean that I need to be able to refuse the form if the phone number provided by the user does not match an exact number of characters (12 for my use case).

Hey @PGH,

Yes the feature you mention is going to be included :slight_smile:

Thanks for being so responsive. Has this feature (especially form validation with character limits) been added? If not, will it be added soon?

Hey there, when is this feature gonna be released?

I need to validate the date selected on a form, based on the date I allow the form to be submitted or not?


Hi @Suzie is there any update on the timeline here?


Hey all,

It’s with regret that I should mention there is still no update on the estimation date. :frowning:

Artur. At this point is it fair to assume that conditional forms will not be a feature of Softr? We were told month-after-month for almost two years that Forms 2.0 would be released, its public roadmap status has recently changed from ‘in progress’ to ‘planned’, yet it was still mentioned again on Miriam’s recent pricing change announcement. A clear answer would be helpful to plan integrations accordingly.