Can you create a form to edit/update an existing Airtable record?

Want to (1) update (not create) an Airtable record and (2) pre-fill the form with the current values. Any way to do this?

Hey @alexxlee,

If you want to update the profile details, you can use the Update Profile block.

If you want to edit the records, please check out the following videos on how to enable editing functionality:

For form prefil, check this, please > Hidden Fields Use Case: Job Submissions - Softr Docs


Hi Alex. Unfortunately, you can’t update or edit a record with a Softr form, only create a new record. I wish we could by now. It could solve so many use cases since you can easily pass recordId’s, user email, and other hidden data. Maybe I’ll request it as a feature update, but apparently Softr doesn’t have it planned in their Forms 2.0 update which has also been planned for over a year now:

That would be a game changer! Would love to see that feature. For now I still stick to Airtable forms and the editing feature unfortunately.

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