Airtable personal access tokens + Hide block when no records + Page settings persist on URL change

Hey Softr Community!

I wanted to share few notable updates with you, read on:

Airtable personal access token support

Following up on @artur 's Airtable API Key Changes announcement, PATs are now available for you to connect your Airtable account. Upon changing API Key to PAT, no change will be needed on the block level. They will work as is. OAuth support is next in line to be supported.

Option to hide empty list / details block when record is not found

When adding an additional list or details block to a details page, you now have the option to hide the entire block if no record is found, instead of showing an empty state. I love this update, and I hope you’ll love it as much.

Persist page settings after URL change

Previously, when you changed the URL path of a page, you had to update every setting that linked to that page (e.g., open page action) - a frustrating task indeed. The good news is that we have fixed this quirk! Now, all page settings will continue to work even after you change a page’s URL path.

Happy building!

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I’m trying to hide an Inbox view block but am assuming that’s not available yet?

Just saw the update option on a list and list details block and it’d be amazing if this was possible…

Currently trying the code I found in the post below but that’s not working for my usecase as I only want to hide the block if the filter set returns no results.

Hide list block if there is nothing to display!

If anyone could help I’d really appreciate it! :pray:

Hi @pushREC , hiding inbox view when filter returns no results is not available, and I can’t offer any timeline yet, unfortunately.

Hope community will respond to your query in another thread!

Hi Jakub,
I really love the hide list block functionality now. It makes for a more relevant user journey. Great addition!

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