Airtable API Key Changes

Dear Softr Community,

Most of you have received a reminder from Airtable because you are still using a legacy Airtable API Key.

The timeline for the Airtable API key deprecation is below:

  • February 2023: Provided API Key deprecation notice
  • August 1st, 2023: Users will no longer be able to create new API keys (announced last week)
  • February 1st, 2024 (next year): Existing Airtable API keys will no longer work.

Our plan & what you have to do:

  • We’ve been working on moving Airtable authentication to OAuth + moving data source connection to the workspace level –> We expect to launch this in late July / early August
  • Once it’s launched, you will have to start replacing API keys used in your apps before February 1st, 2024
  • This week will start supporting Personal Access Token (PAT). If you’re using PAT, make sure you assign the following scopes & access for your Softr apps to work properly.

Thank you!
Softr Team


Thanks for the update @artur . Looks clear - thank you!

Hi Artur, Will adding in the new PAT key have any effect on the current list blocks? i.e will it just work.

@Kieran, no change will be needed on the block level; they will work as is.

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Thanks for PAT update.

It would be great to have the PAT’s name (either from Airtable or a newly created name for Softr Studio) displayed prominently in the list when selecting a data source in the studio. This will make it easier to identify and locate the specific PAT we want to work with.


To be completely clear, if I edit my current Data Source and paste in my new PAT and click Save, everything will work as it was? It isn’t going to mean re-configuring all my blocks?

I understand @Kieran has pretty much already asked this, however he said ‘adding in’ instead of editing the existing key - I just want to make certain on this distinction before doing it!

@SdogEinnarg if you do edit and save then all should work without configurations. You can also clone your app and test on the clone for the first time

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Excellent - I did as you suggested and tested it on a clone first. Thank you very much!

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Any update on the timeline for launching full Airtable OAuth support?

@jstrauss we are doing some final tests before roll out (next week I think) Airtable doesn’t make it easy the API has some challenges with scopes and missing tokeninfo endpoints more here :slight_smile: New Beta: New API authentication methods, endpoint... - Page 6 - Airtable Community

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