Hide list block if there is nothing to display!

Hey Folks! Is it possible hide a list block when there is nothing to display? I have a list block sitting in the details page. Sometimes however, the list block has nothing to show. i.e there are no child campaigns to display under the selected parent campaign.

I have tried various snippets from other similar questions. But to no avail. Hope you can help shed some light?

NOTE: I know that we can link and lookup a field in the users table, then set a visibility condition if empty. But in this case. It does not link to a user. It links to the parent campaign record and im hiding if there are 0 child linked records to display.

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There was a discussion here, it starts the List Block with 0 results until you search something.

Though you mention that there are not campaign to select, is there a URL you can share for me to see the setup?