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We’d love for your to introduce yourself and say hello to the community! :wave:

We’d love to know (you can copy and paste this if you’d like!):

:wave: What should we call you?

:round_pushpin:Where are you located?

:woman_technologist:t2: :technologist:t5:What are you working on in Softr?


:wave:t2: Hello everyone, I am Dwi
:round_pushpin: Jakarta, Indonesia
:woman_technologist:t2: I am a solopreneur focused on no-code web development, creating automation, and developing strategies to take a business from good to great. I’m very passionate about what I do, please visit my work https://www.hidex.dev/


Hi Dwi! :wave: Thanks for joining us here! :raised_hands:

:wave: Hi, I’m Katrien aka Katt

:round_pushpin:I live in Leuven, Belgium.

:woman_technologist:t2: :technologist:t5: I’m on a no-code sabbatical. Building side projects in public, doing some no-code freelance work to learn, have fun and (hopefully) quit my job.

My 2 most recent projects

  1. No-Code Exits >>> Interviews about no-code exits
  2. Indie Kids >>> Coloring plates for the kids of tech parents

Hello Everyone :rocket:,
:round_pushpin: Miami & Boston, USA
:woman_technologist:t2: I am one of the Softr/Airtable Experts. I am a medical doctor by education, and Nuclear Medicine by Training with an MBA focused on Operations. With the help of tools such as Softr & Airtable I have became proficient at creating automations, and applying business strategies to get your business more revenue with less work. I am very passionate about I do, and you can check my work on my personal website: https://www.rachidakiki.com


Hi there!

It’s a pleasure to be part of this community. I’m a developer (but a lazy one). I’m also a Tiny House builder.

What should we call you?
• Henry.

Where are you located?
• Montevideo, Uruguay.

What are you working on in Softr?
I have some projects developed entirely in Softr, from a marketplace for people to find loans and credits, to a portal to rent and sell Tiny Houses in LATAM.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.



Tiny house portal!? Sign me up! So great to see you in here, BTW. :relaxed:

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You may be the first Softr doctor/nocode builder that I have met! Thanks for joining and saying hello! :raised_hands:

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Yay Katt- so lovely seeing you in here. Welcome to the Community Forum! :hugs:

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:wave: Hello! My name is Derek Thurber. I currently work for Arizona State University

:round_pushpin: I live in Phoenix, Arizona

:technologist:t5: I am building an internal portal for ASU using Airtable and Softr to power the magic :magic_wand:!


:wave: Hi, I’m Brieuc

:round_pushpin:I live in Paris, oui oui baguette :baguette_bread::cheese:

:man_technologist: I am developing my project and I am learning no-code to create my platform thanks to softr!


:wave: Hi, I’m Adrien

:round_pushpin:I live in Lyon

:man_technologist: I just launch my second side project, thanks to Softr => https://matos.photos ! If you live in FR and have some old cameras or other photography accessories, sell it on matos.photos


Hi Everyone!
My name is Irene
Located in Puerto Vallarta, México
I am working on a client and team platform to optimize workflow and automate as much as possible in our work routine.
Trying on the airtable/softr/zappier combo at the moment and looking forward to a happy relationship with our interface
Thanks (:


Hi everyone!

:wave: I’m Iulian

:round_pushpin: I live in Romania

:woman_technologist:t2: :technologist:t5: I’ve just began using softr to build https://www.indiehacker.tools/, a repository for tools created by individuals (indiehackers, solopreneurs, or just curious people). Think about it like a merge between Producthunt and Wikipedia that targets a specific niche.


Hi everyone, I’m Sebastian, from Chile.

I’m starting with Softr with the intention to build my first MVP. I’m not a developer, but I learn very quick.


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