Welcome to Softr Community!

Hi! :wave: Welcome to the Softr Community!

This space is here for you to get inspired, connect with others, share what you’re working on, ask questions to the community, and discover the ways you can bring your Softr project to life.

The goals of our community are to:

  • Provide a space to get your questions answered by the community
  • Foster engaging conversations surrounding Softr and No Code
  • Be a source of inspiration and knowledge as you embark on your Softr journey

To meet the collective goals of our community, it’s important that all members feel safe and supported. To help everyone have the best possible experience and ensure this is a safe space welcome to all, please take a look at our community guidelines:


  • We’d love for you to introduce yourself! Head over to the #introduceyourself category and say hi!
  • Please ask questions in the relevant category
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated
  • Please be polite and respectful
  • Respect the privacy of other members
  • Please be aware we have a diverse community with people from all over the world. :earth_africa: English is not a native language for everyone, so please keep that in mind when communicating.
  • Contact us directly with feedback at lizzie@softr.io

Rules and restrictions

  • Don’t share personal or private information
  • No spam
  • No political discussion
  • Personal attacks, hate speech, trolling and abuse will not be tolerated

If you experience or witness any behavior that doesn’t follow our community guidelines, please contact us directly at lizzie@softr.io. All reports are kept confidential.