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Just watched your demo video - very cool and badly needed for companies! Congrats.

Hello from Dublin, Ireland :wave:

I’m Mim. Great to be here in the Softr community.

I’m working on Elephant Hive https://theelephanthive.com/ (only a holding site for now, app is being built elsewhere). I plan to move this from a GoDaddy website to a (free - yay!) Softr one this month.

I started playing with Softr on another ‘side hustle’ project almost a year ago…hoping to find time to get back & finish it soon :crossed_fingers:

Hi everybody !

:wave: Hello everyone, I am Rahul

:round_pushpin: From India

:technologist:t5: I have expertise in Web Technologies, No code/Low code tools, and Robotic process automation, building some interesting Products using Softr

:wave: What should we call you?

:round_pushpin: Where are you located?

What are you working on in Softr?
An all inclusive volunteer portal for 200 volunteers. (Tracks hours, profile, contracts, etc.)

hello everyone luigi here

Hello. My Name is Carlos. I am from NY USA. I dabble in app building from time to time, and after building a few no-code apps using other platforms, I wanted to try this and see how it will work for my app ideas. Currently working on migrating my non-profit informational app for the USPS to here. Already, I like the interface, and am looking forward to seeing its development in the thankfully no-so-saturated no-code field.

Thank you for having me.

I am Jihwan, I’m living in South Korea, and currently trying to building an IT education solution to teenagers.
I’m SungKyunKwan University student and study data science and software.
I would like to ask you guys to how to adopt gpt to build chatbot service using softr.
Thank you for this community to get useful information!

Hi! My name is Pavel Cherkashin, I’m based in San Francisco. I run a VC firm of a new kind - Mindrock. We consolidate more than 1000 investors around the world to fund breakthrough technological inventions in spheres of AI, Space Exploration and Synthetic Biology (Consciousness). Our total portfolio is more than $1B in size now and we plan to expand our network to 50,000 investors. For this we are building a new automation system on Airtable + Softr for client portal.

We plan to share our resulting system as an open-source example for other venture capital firms to use.

We hope to reuse some of your wisdom in building our application so that we don’t have to reinvent the bicycle.

Hi, all :blush: It’s great to be here!
:wave: You can call me Ashley (she/her pronouns)
:round_pushpin: Located in New York City
:woman_technologist:t3: I’m helping to maintain app.collabwork.com, which Dwi (who’s in this community - hi, Dwi - built) & am working on multiple potential updates, such as AI-generated talent profiles (we’re a hiring platform) and community matching (our Talent showcase the online communities they are part of).

:wave: Hi everyone, I am Elia :slight_smile: great to be part of this community!

:round_pushpin: I am currently based in Sydney, Australia

:technologist: I am building www.matchgigs.com , MVP for a digital workforce agency providing on demand manpower to businesses , while allowing people to earn on their schedule

Hi, I’m Linda. My username is LandonPhD.

It’s a real pleasure to be here with everyone. I’m brand new to Softr.

You can call me Linda.

I am located in Missouri, USA.

I am building a two-sided marketplace.