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Hello Dwi, nice to meet you! I’m also from :indonesia:. You have a great job at https://www.hidex.dev/

Hey @cherkashin ! My name is Illia.

I was wondering if you succeeded in developing the investor portal for your company, using Softr.io.
I will be extremely grateful if you share your experience with this project and share if the final result is something you are using within your investment company right now.

We are working with an investment company and the portal is of their interest, so we would love to know the successful use case of building a portal with Softr.

Hope to hear from you soon! Cheers

Hi! My name is Cristen - from Toronto, Ontario - Canada

Hello i’m Faycel and i from France

I’m here to learn nocode :slight_smile:

Hello All,
My name is Esther, am a non-technical owner from Charlotte NC, trying to lunch my MVP using Softr, airtable and other no-code tools. Here’s my landing page https://www.amoriaexperience.com I do have tones of questions and am hopping to get help here.

hey there, glad to be here!

:wave: this is david [waves hand]

:round_pushpin: from spain

:technologist:t5: mainly an email marketing folk, I’m building something with softr for the first time, so I thought it’d be nice to stop by and say hello (I feel like I’ll need plenty of help : )

wanna be twitter friends?

:wave: Hi, I’m Anthony

:round_pushpin: I’m from France and living between France and Spain

:woman_technologist:t2: :technologist:t5: I’m working with Softr to build ecommerce plateform and internal tools for my compagny

:wave: Hi everyone, I’m Mélia Jenn.
:round_pushpin: I live in France (and speak mostly French).
:woman_technologist:t2: I’ve been working on the development of a community platform on Softr for 1 month.

:wave: Hi. I am Richard

:round_pushpin: I am in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

:woman_technologist:t2: :technologist:t5: I am working on UnionStation.love, a site where you can find your eternal match. This is the part that is up now, for general information and the Blessing Preparation Course: https://unionstation.love/. I am working on building the matching part of the site with Softr and Airtable

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Hi all! I’m Jon :wave:

:round_pushpin: I’m in New Hampshire, USA

:woman_technologist:t2: :technologist:t5: I’ve been using Softr for a while now and have built multiple sites, but our most built-out one is https://www.nhrocks.com

Currently, this site works as a tourism directory for local New Hampshire businesses, activities, and events, with user log-ins and the ability to save/add listings to your ‘Do-List.’ We are developing a multi-vendor marketplace to help local businesses sell their goods and enter the market. All profits would go to our newly formed nonprofit (www.serenocommunity.org - also built on Softr) for community development projects.

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Hey everyone!
My name is Seth, and I am located in NW Houston, Texas, USA.

I make apps for non-profits and small businesses, but am new to the Softr platform! Really enjoying its features and its community, and I’m excited to participate further! Cheers.


Hi @visionist !

Welcome to our community! Glad to have you here.

Welcome to our community @jelli !

And great work on your site! It looks great!

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Thank you @Jjenglert !

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I’m developing a community building app. To bring people from a global community together for events. And to find people from that community in their city.

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Welcome to our community @virologybusters !!

Good day all,
I am David Bankole
I am located in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Welcome @deeecious !!

:wave: What should we call you? Hi, I am Saka

:round_pushpin:Where are you located? I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil

:woman_technologist:t2: :technologist:t5:What are you working on in Softr? I am the founder of a startup called Comsentimento. We help to identify clinical trial opportunities for oncology patients.