When will checkboxes be fully supported?

When will checkboxes be fully supported (displayed in view mode and editable) for all of the blocks the Softr Docs says it does? List and List Details blocks still have no checkbox field options like forms do. Selecting a Softr Text field for checkboxes, as a workaround, results in “checked” instead of a :white_check_mark: or “-” for an unchecked checkbox in the view mode.

Screenshot 2022-10-12 4.34.20 PM

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Hey @Ben do you mean checkmark view in the view mode ?

Hi Artur. I rewrote my request for clarification. Why don’t all blocks that are editable have a checkbox field option? It seems feasible, since forms have one. Also, why doesn’t the view mode simply show a :white_check_mark: instead of “checked” or an unchecked box instead of “-”? The way the view mode and the edit pop-up do not correspond is counterintuitive.

Hi Ben let us take this and improve. Do I get it right that the airtable field type is checkbox too ?

Yes. The field type is an Airtable checkbox.

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Thanks for adding the checkbox field option Softr (Artur)! Makes a lot more sense now :+1:


@artur would it be too difficult to allow the checkboxes to be edited inline, without having to click on the editing pen?

I’m using checklists that increase vertically in the database, as they are dynamic checklists. The ability to tick them quickly is essential.


+1 for editing inline

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Another +1 for editing inline.

I don’t even care if it gets rolled out in pieces. Even just a checkbox to quickly interact would make my softr app a lot more user friendly for customers and help us look a lot more professional compared to other custom tailored solutions.

Any update? I’d love to be able to have this too

This has been partially possible for months by implementing one-click update button action.
You thick the checkbox, and the airtable checkbox field gets updated in the background.



Thank you! That’s perfect!