Airtable checklist

:wave: Hey folks.
Getting started with softr & airtable.
Anyone know how to get an airtable checklist field type to appear in my softr list, and then be clickable so the user can check/uncheck an item as if it’s a to-do list?
The checklist field type does not appear as a field type in the list item fields section in softer.

Thanks for any tips,


Hey next week we will have edit capability also on lists and then they can edit and check/uncheck the checkbox

Amazing. Thanks Artur and team.

When will this ACTUALLY be implemented for all of the blocks the Softr Docs says it does? List and List Details blocks still have no checkbox field options. Also Softr chat reps do not have a date for this to be done.
Screenshot 2022-10-12 4.34.20 PM

Discussing this over here: When will checkboxes be fully supported? - #5 by artur