User Profile Block with just Change Password fields

Hi there,

It would be really helpful to separate the User Profile block into two parts so we can use the Change Password fields independently of the Name and Email Address fields or at the very least be able to hide the Name and Email address fields.

We connect our users to data based on their email address so we can’t give them the option to change it on their own but still want to give them the option to easily update their password.

Right now we’re testing “whiting out” the top half of the block so users can’t see it but it looks strange.



Hey @kunch, thanks a lot for your suggestion. Noted and added to our feature requests list!

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This is a great idea!! Definitely wish we had this feature.

We are doing some other changes on this block, so I expect this will happen soon.

Thanks so much!

Sharing this post here so that you can hide those fields with custom code for now

Hi @artur. Will you please share what the changes were to the User Profile blocks? I’m experiencing less functionality now: