Send magic link with redirection for password change

Hi Victoria. Sounds like a great idea! What about the “Old Password” field on the User Profile block? It could be a confusing journey for new users attempting to enter a new password since it can’t be removed.

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@Ben That’s a really good question :+1:
When a magic link gets generated for a user, the Old password field gets disabled. So the user can simply type a new pass.

Thanks. I noticed that too. The User Profile block doesn’t account for this scenario though, since the change password section is not customizable enough.

This is why I’ve been so insessent about email verification lately. Unfortunately, my links about the following to other relevant posts keep getting hidden in the community :thinking:.

In the meantime, can we have the user profile block updated accordingly?

@Ben Could you please elaborate more on what you mean by saying that “the user profile block doesn’t account for this scenario”? Do you mean for the scenario when a magic link gets generated?
How exactly would you like to see the user profile improvements? Those details would help us understand your use-case and consider it for future changes.

Instead of deactivated, it should be removed in this scenario since the new user hasn’t entered an initial password yet. They haven’t had the chance to submit an “Old” password yet, since they didn’t access the app using a sign up block.

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@Ben let me clarify to avoid misunderstanding.
The non-logged-in user can’t access User Profile block, since it can be visible to logged-in users only.
When a magic link is generated and a user access the app via magic link, they can proceed to the User Profile block and the Old password won’t be required, but the new one can be generated. Once they change the pass, log out, when singing in, they can use the new password they have submitted in the User Profile block.

It was decided to deactivate the old password (meaning show it but making non-tapeable) and not removing it for those cases for some technical reasons, but overall the functionality is the same as if the field was removed.

Thanks for elaborating Viktoria. I was confused about what you said above earlier, but your last response is what I noticed as well. Although the functionality is the same, from a UI/UX perspective new users who are entering a password for the first time will be confused if they see an “Old password” field, regardless if it works or not.

Therefore, to avoid new user confusion leave the “Old password” field as the default in the studio for changing existing passwords, but simply provide an option to remove it for scenarios where users may be entering a new password for the first time.

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I have had a similar problem whereby users can create an account however if they use one of our tools we automatically create an account for them using airtable.
Unfortunately Softr support have been extremely unsupportive on this issue.
The way i have worked around it is:

  • We do not use magic link
  • We create the account
  • We send an email prompting the user to reset their password to access the outputs from the tool
    It is also not possible to re-trigger a password from the backend and the only work around for this is to “Re send invite” from the user panel.
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Another thing about this flow Viktoria, is that additional fields on the User Profile Block do not get added to Airtable.

@Ben could you please elaborate more on what you mean? If you don’t mind sending a magic link so I could investigate on my end too that would be really helpful.

Hi @Kate, I’m sorry to hear that you faced some inconveniences. Would you mind telling me more details on your use-case so I could think of a solution for you?

My clients told me they were unable to change their password when they logged in from the magic link. I now direct them click the link and have a look around, log out and click “Forgot Password” for a temporary password to be sent to them, then to log back in and change their password. It would be much easier if the magic link prompted them to create a password in the first place.


Apparently there was an issue with the User Profile block not passing additional info. This could have been the problem. It appears there’s been a few issues with this over the last few months.

I am looking to do just this - send magic link that redirects user to change their password. Is this yet possible via the magic link?

It does, now, that I am aware of.

How so? My magic link currently take users to the home page of my site, how would this be changed to another page on the site (where the update password block is)?

Sorry, it does not acually redirect them to change their password, I was incorrect. However, when they do go to change their password it does not require a previous password to do so when they come from the magic link.

I hope this helps you!

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Hi @flavi. You have to create user groups and set page rules such that users who are logging in via a magic link are automatically directed to the page you want them to initially land on (ex. page with User Profile block).

Hi @bethseam. Softr’s solution for this scenario is incomplete.

The User Profile block functionality you mentioned technically works, but the user journey is confusing when a new user lands on a User Profile block that asks for their old password. New users have never entered a password before. In fact, Softr’s docs say that once the user enters the app from a magic link, they can change their password. There’s no mention of how or what that journey or configuration looks like.

After I asked Softr, they offered the following code to remove the old password field, however as of yesterday the New Password button on it wasn’t working and also didn’t work after I updated the block. How are new users supposed to log in again without a password?

Until Softr adds more customization to the User Profile block or creates ‘New User’ account blocks that create a password, I’m afraid there is no good, let alone secure way to onboard new users. If Softr has a solution, rather than workarounds for this, I’m all ears.

Regarding your question about redirecting users to update their password after receiving a magic link, you might want to consider the following approach:
Once the user clicks on the magic link and is authenticated, redirect them to a password reset page on your platform.
On this password reset page, prompt the user to enter a new password.
After the user submits the new password, update the password in your database and redirect them to the desired destination, such as the dashboard or homepage.
As for creating a seamless password reset experience, you might also want to explore using an online password generator to encourage users to create strong and secure passwords. There are websites that offer easy-to-use tools for generating complex passwords tailored to your requirements.

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