Updating Softr Blocks Based on Airtable Field Update

Is there a documented/recommended way (or best practice) for updating Softr blocks based on Airtable cell updates?

My example use case:
I have a form, which users can input rich text/long text, which then gets sent to ChatGPT via Zapier. I’m looking for a way to display a loading message until the ChatGPT reply comes back and updates an Airtable field, and then automatically update the Softr block to show the compiled result.

I know there have been threads on here related to this, I’ve read through a few, but I’m not seeing any “best practice” or recommended approach for doing this with Softr.

If anyone is doing this today, I’d appreciate you sharing your solution to accomplish this behavior.

Thanks all.

Using an Ajax interceptor or using the Fetch API would be the best practice (without exposing any API key in the script, otherwise you would have a massive security breach).

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I may have found a way without Ajax Interceptor nor Fetch API (and without exposing any API key of course)

Will test it tomorrow (it works for now with some specific use cases… including yours). If everything goes well I will release a big and important guide about it, tomorrow or after tomorrow.


Any luck?