Unwanted quotation marks around linked record fields from airtable

Wanted to see if there’s any ETA on a fix here

Hi @jackiecorley & @artur - I’ve been trying to get rid of these quotation marks and figured out today that it’s the comma symbol causing the issue for me in some cases. Try removing the comma in the formula and see if that works?

@jackiecorley one clarification, what’s the field type in airtable ?

It’s a lookup from a synced base.

Following up to see if there are any plans for a fix or a workaround

@artur Jumping in here as well – I’ve noticed this happening when I choose the Rich Text field and have copy (e.g. a description) formatted. Testing line by line to see if I can pinpoint the culprit(s). So far looks like bullet points don’t help. Or it might be line breaks.

Hi, did @jackiecorley or @phelocin ever find a solution? I’m struggling with a lookup field that’s showing the quotation marks only in the Softr side and trying to wrap a formula around it but struggling. It’s a rich text field in a list details block (and I can’t change the field type due to the layout). Thanks!

Take a look at Viktoria’s reply in another thread here