Unwanted quotation marks around linked record fields from airtable


we have an issue of unwanted quotation marks around text from an airtable formula field which contains linked records - this is how the UI looks like in SOFTR:

→ If the text in the linked field contains a comma (“,”), then the quotation marks appear. If it does not contain a comma, then the problem does not occur.

The display of the same fields in airtable itself doesn´t have this problem, here everything works as intended:


Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

Hey @alexs,

Thanks for posting.

Just a question can you mention the block type? Another important things is that if the block is updated or not.

Meanwhile I will try to reproduce this on my end and will keep you posted.

Thx Suzie, it´s a list view and it has been updated to the latest release

Also can you please share the formula you’re using in the Airtable field?

Will do on Sunday, until then only on mobile w/o proper air table access.

It’s a simple if statement, which in case of ‘yes’ results in a linked field from another table. the source field in the other table is a concatenate of 2 text fields.

If I change the softrr list view config to display the linked field directly, without the if formula, then the quotation mark problem is the same.

Like said the display in airtable does not have the quotation mark problem.

@dcoletta: Formula Update


{Field1} = text field
{Field2} = Lookup from other table

→ Formula for {Field2} in other table: CONCATENATE({Field3},{Field4}," | ",{Field5})

{Field3} & {Field4} = Single Select
{Field5} = Text Field

This is one of those annoying problems where I usually just fiddle with the script until the problem goes away. (Yes, that’s the secret of my success.)

I would suggest fiddling with the Airtable formula by adding things like ""& to any lookup field. For example, changing


works perfectly, thx david, i´ll try to improve my fiddle skills for the future

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That’s great to hear! However, it always makes me nervous when fiddling works on the first try. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help @dcoletta I think we also figured out that we could strip those on Softr side. I think in the past with previous versions of blocks we have been removing those added by airtable.

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Any update on the Softr side, @artur?

Hey @jackiecorley,

I’ll check this and keep you posted, not sure though if this has been fixed.

@jackiecorley can you DM me a link so we can check on your example, we fixed it and can’t reproduce on own examples.

Hi Artur/Suzie. Even with David’s workaround (“”&{field}), I get unwanted quotes at the beginning and end of my Airtable formula output. Seems like a discrepancy on Airtable’s end to me.

Thanks Ben! in any case having a url to see this in action would help. feel free to DM me

How do I send a private DM? (My site where I’m seeing this is behind a log-in.)

Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 8.19.48 PM

I had trouble finding it too! To send a private DM, click on a user’s name, then click the blue “Message” button.

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Yikes! What I see when I click on the name is completely different:

I have no idea how else to send a PM.

I did send a DM with an hope to get a DM back :slight_smile:

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