Unsubscribed Users Can Access My Paywalled Content without paying

I’m building a leads database, giving paid members access to the database:

The issue I’m having is that if someone signs up but doesn’t checkout and pay they still seem to be getting access to paywalled content.

See the screenshot showing clearly that the only user group who should be able to see the content are “paid members”. In the user group settings I’ve already stipulated that “paid members” are only those that have a stripe subscription based on the conditions in the user group settings under “add user based on conditions”

Hey @lolo Thanks a lot for reaching out, what about you make the users pay and after payment you redirect them to the Softr’s sign up block?
So for example you will have these steps after a user accesses you website.

  1. Softr pricing block.
  2. User gets redirected to a Stripe checkout and pays.
  3. User lands on a Softr sign up form.
  4. User signs up and gets redirected to a corresponding dashboard.

Please feel free to get back whenever any further question arises.