Two-way user sync

Hey Softr Community!

This big update is about the launch of two-way user sync.

Previously, user syncing between your Softr app and data source happened one-way only, meaning that users added from your source didn’t appear in Softr. With this new release, your users will sync both ways — whether they’re added from source or Softr.

Two-way user sync and existing apps
Two-way user sync will be available on all new apps.
We are in progress rolling out the option for you to enable it on existing apps as well.

:warning: Before enabling two-way user sync on your existing apps, we suggest you to:

  1. Learn more about how it works in this article
  2. Try it out on a blank app, or your existing app copy, with user data mimicking your production data, and see if it works the way you expect.

:pray: We already hear your feedback here in the community, thank you so much for it! We’ll be looking into further enhancements in the user management area.

Keep the feedback coming!

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Great feature guys!

Can I make a little feature request here to have the Stripe Subscriptions per user be visible in the user management panel!

This would really help us to troubleshoot issues with access permissions for our app.

Thanks @J_1! I’ve captured your request for future considerations :+1:

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Since there is no email validation, recaptcha, or other sign up security measures with Softr, at least incorporate this with the “two-way user sync”:

The article you link doesn’t really explain anything except how to enable it. Is there any summary/examples for when this would be beneficial to use and if there are any downsides? :slight_smile:

Hi all, we added some more details about how 2-way user sync works. Please have a look and let us know if there are details that aren’t clear (or suggestions, of course): Syncing users with a data source – Softr Help Docs

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Hi Jakub,
If users that are directly entered into the database are then synced to Softr, how do those users then log in to Softr when they were never assigned a password? I assume we are supposed to manually send a magic link to each user that was synced from the database to Softr? If this is the recommended workflow, could Softr auto send the link whenever a user is imported without a password? Otherwise it will get very cumbersome with Softr’s current user management system when multiple users are added.

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“could Softr auto-send the link whenever a user is imported without a password?”

Maybe… but only when you use email code block as the authentication method for your users.

That way, users wont have to remember another password to the hundreds and hundreds we all have to deal with, and you can forget about notifying passwords or magic links to sign your users in.

Hi @Ben,
Yes, at the moment when users are directly entered into your database (Airtable?), you’ll need to send them a magic link. For this case I’d suggest using Airtable automation action: Send email that triggers when new user is added to Airtable table.

Email code block - interesting idea @acjnas !

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Hey @Jakub, @Ben

It seems to me that Softr does not automatically create the magic link. For my part, when I add Users in Airtable, the users are indeed added in Softr but with a + instead of the magic link.

So what we need is an option that automatically generates a magic link, which can then be used in automation.

@Maria ?

Hey @yannick , correct. We don’t automatically create a magic link yet for this case. We should be able to focus on this this quarter :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks @Jakub

Thanks Jakub. This looks pretty straight forward when magic links are created by default, especially with the two-way sync now.

After users are directed to a page from the magic link, what is the best user journey to get them to submit a new sign in password so they can sign in on their own? There isn’t much customization with user profile blocks and docs say something vague like ‘later get them to change it in user profile’.

I’m happy to chime in here as well. For the time being, even though Magic Links are not generated automatically, you can use the Softr API to create your users instead, which does have the ability to generate magic links at the time of user creation. You can then save the Magic Link to the users record in Airtable. You can use Make, Zapier or other automation platforms to do this. If you’re interested, I recently made a video about how to use Airtable Automations to make API calls with scripting: Send API Requests for your Softr Apps Using Airtable Scripting and Automations - YouTube

Also, for the user journey @Ben personally I’d like to see this “Create a New Password” be a block by itself that you can direct people to, then update their “Status” field in airtable when it’s done. I think that might be a ways off yet, so in the meantime I think the profile block is still the best option.

Oh YES I would like to echo this x10000% because I am struggling with the hacky workaround we set up. It’s… kinda unprofessional

Thanks. Not sure if this is new or not, but you can auto-generate magic links when users are added in the database first and the two-way sync is activated. The default authentication method needs to be toggled to “Generate magic link” when you edit the connection in Softr’s users section. It’s at the very bottom so I almost missed it :laughing:

Screenshot 2023-07-27 3.08.25 PM

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Hello dear builders :wave:! Product manager from Softr here.

I’m curious to learn more about your user sync experiences (to improve them), especially for when the volume of users grows and user management becomes challenging.

React / reply to this message if you’d like to chat live with me on your exact use cases / scenarios – I’ll follow up.

Hey @Jakub,

Still waiting for auto Magic Link generation to bring my app to the next level :slight_smile:
I’m actually viewing the @pford video link, but I prefer to not create a new Make automation :wink:

Something on the roadmap ?

@yannick Yes! It is. There is some groundwork around user management we have to do first before it is possible to enable it. My semi-optistimic estimation is Q4.


Thanks @austinyang !
I’m going to have to watch @pford’s video all the way through :joy: