Delete Softr users when they are deleted in database

Enough said for a lot of useful, time saving reasons

Hey @Ben, thank you for your suggestion. I will definitely add it to our feature requests list.

I saw that Softr itself has a proper delete button integrated. Is there a way by now to integrate that as a user? :slight_smile:


Hi Tim!
I will release a guide about it tomorrow, in the community - Help & Guides section - And here😉


Amazing! Thanks so much :smiley:

And this guide won’t be released as deleting a user in Airtable won’t automatically delete a user in Softr :sweat_smile:.
This is a limitation of the 2 way user sync right now.

Though this can be achieved with Make with a simple scenario Webhook + Delete a User Action (softr module) + a small code snippet to redirect the user properly and within a correct amount of time + A correct user experience (needs double check before deleting an account)

Should I make it a guide for this?

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I would love that!!

Hi Matthieu,

I’ve appreciated your tips and guides for a while. However, I’ve noticed they rely a lot more on Make lately, which increases creators’ variable costs significantly. Not to mention that Make can be cumbersome to configure.

Also, your logic fundamentally assumes we want to control our users through Softr rather than through our database. For me, that does not make sense:

  1. We can manage users more efficiently in our database using filters, groups, views which we cannot do in Softr
  2. User permissions on Softr are already dependent on our database configuration
  3. Managing multiple users in Softr is also cumbersome, since you have to manually manage each one at a time

I’m finding that the more control over the way I engage with my users diminishes, the more reliant I am on time consuming workarounds, expensive 3rd party integrators, and custom coding that can break over time. These are just a few basic reasons why a true two-way sync, that deletes Softr users when they are deleted in a database, makes more sense for creators.

It relies on Softr technical capacities and limits + my strong experience (one of the strongest here) to build apps for clients - specifically client portals and internal tools which are the core of the Softr business (Indie makers are not, though I’m also an indie maker and that sometimes I would like Softr go this way). Nothing more.

No-code also means dealing with limitations. And dealing with limitations is, thanks to Make, among others, possible.

“A true two-way sync, that deletes Softr users when they are deleted in a database, can make more sense for creators.” => Absolutely not for companies as a lot of them work directly inside the database (Airtable for the Softr case). As a consequence accidentally delete a client, in their case, is not an option.

Yes it could be an option but, in this specific case, such Make automation doesn’t need any pricing plan. I’m not going to scream on Softr team to push them to do something that is easily doable any other way.

I, and my guides, don’t fundamentally assume anything.
These are just guides that I do on my own time, for free. This is pure hobby for me, on the side.
This is my pleasure, that I share, nothing more.

Exactly the same for custom code guides (which are 80% of my guides, unlike Make guides)

Most of my evenings and nights are made of learning code, practicing Softr, building databases, practicing on other and way more complex no-code or low-code tools and finishing work for clients all around the world.
I share a percentage of what I know and what I want = my freedom.

I’m not a Softr product manager. Simple as that :sweat_smile:.

They do with what they have and they know, them before you, how severe I can be with them sometimes.


Hi Matthieu. Yes, it’s clear that Softr is focusing more on company users now and there are still a lot of “limitations” with no-code. However, those limitations impose costs on indie, corporate, and ALL no-code creators alike. Isn’t the value of Softr to minimize these no-code limitations?

If admin is concerned about deleting users by mistake, enabling editing permissions in your database can prevent anyone from inadvertently deleting records.

Hello All,

Wanted to post this for anyone in need of it. If you need to delete a user through an Airtable automation you can do it like this:

  1. Setup a field in the airtable users table that is a checkbox or anything that you can use to trigger an event. I used a checkbox.
  2. Have softer do a quick edit to the field
  3. Setup an airtable automation when that field is updated.
  4. Add a script block to the automation and enter the following code:

let inputConfig = input.config();

let apiUrl = ''+inputConfig.user_email;

let requestOptions = {
    method: 'DELETE',
    headers: {
        'Softr-Api-Key': 'PutYourSofterApitKeyHere',
        'Softr-Domain': 'PutYourSoftrDomainHere'

let response = await fetch(apiUrl, requestOptions);
//console.log(await response.text());

Make sure you pass in a variable “user_email” that has the full users email. This is how the DELETE request works for Softr - it needs the email address to determine which user to delete.

Use this only when needed though, as deleting users can be a pain if it’s not intended.

Hope this helps!



Thanks Paul. This sounds useful since Softr does not have a native email verification for external user sign up. May even work for internal parent users to delete users under them. Nice!

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