Sync Softr Subscription Status from Stripe

Softr stores the state of Stripe subscriptions purchased through Softr, but is not sync’ing that state from Stripe. Softr must listen for Stripe web hook events and update its state accordingly. Softr needs to react correctly to state changes done outside its system for a proper integration.

For example:

  1. Customer purchases Stripe subscription via softr UI
  2. Customer becomes a member of a Custom User Group called “Subscribers”. This used group is based on a Stripe subscription.
  3. Our support team cancels the customer’s subscription from the Stripe dashboard, perhaps to issue a refund.
  4. The Softr subscription state does NOT get updated and the customer is still in the “Subscribers” User Group.

This is not good. Also, there is no UI in Softr for viewing or exiting a User’s groups, so we have no way to manually fix this.

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@drew0 Softr actually does read from Stripe with a slight delay… Please share a loom perhaps we can check… We don’t require users to go even via our forms to record a purchase.

We take user’s email check in stripe get subscriptions and map to your user group definition.

ok, I will play around with this and see how it works. It would be preferable to use the Stripe cus_id instead of email though. Customer emails are not unique in Stripe.