SmartSuite integration?

Any updates/plans to add SmartSuite as a data source? I am looking to make the switch from Airtable to SmartSuite, but the Softr integration is really holding us back. Thanks!

Hey Nick!

Haven’t heard news about the progress of integrating smartSuite as datasource.
Would you mind sharing why are you dropping airtable?

Mostly because their support and their willingness to listen to their customers.

Even the CEO is active in the online community helping out.

They are constantly rolling out great new features.

I like the way they designed the system with their dot notation formulas in which you can incorporate data from any base (aka solution) in another without syncing.

Their $35 enterprise plan has a lot more value then Airtable’s new $45 business plan.

Apparently, they will also be increasing record limits significantly by end of October (business is already 200,000 per base (aka Solution).

The 2 drawbacks for me right now are -

  1. The iOS app is lacking a little and missing some features.

  2. No Softr integration

Hi @Nick you can use this frontend, is not gonna be as powerful as Softr, but it can be helpful for you…

Thanks Nick for info about Smartsuite. I think that the perfect match for an airtable`s user is Baserow, because you can import data on it

Yeah, easyportal looks promising, but they have a long way to catch up with Softr. I’ll keep an eye on it, but hope Softr adds Smartsuite sooner than later as seems a lot of people have been looking for Airtable alternatives since they announced they will be more focused on enterprise clients with million dollar plus deals. Smartsuite is looking really promising.

Today’s Smartsuite webinar they announced by late October they are hoping to be able to support 1 million plus records per base/solution with the performance they have with just a few thousand records. That will be a game changer for me!

Hey all,

What I know is that the team is working on SmartSuite integration. To be honest I will not be able to mention any timeline not to provide any inaccurate information.

But I’ll make sure to let you know if I have any update on this :slight_smile:


@Nick, @acjnas, @raul_lopez SmartSuite integration has been announced today here → SmartSuite as a data source (beta)

@Jakub I think it is a really good step to get more databases for Softr. I love it!!!Congratulations

Thanx for the good news!