SmartSuite as a data source (beta)

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of a new data source - SmartSuite!

With this beta release, just as with Airtable and Google Sheets, you can create stunning apps with beautiful design, action-packed logic, and granular access control – all powered by your SmartSuite data. Read more about the launch in this blog post.

What’s in beta:

  • connecting with SmartSuite via OAuth
  • read & write actions (create, read, update, one-click update, delete)
  • 2-way user sync
  • supported dynamic blocks: list, list details, table, forms, and summary cards
  • eSignature field

Next iterations:

  • remaining blocks like kanban, calendar, comments, charts, inbox, org, map
  • auto-sync options for inline filters

Try SmartSuite as a data source, and share your feedback, questions, or bugs in the comments.

Learning SmartSuite

Join us for a practical webinar where we’ll show you how to create a client portal tailored to your business needs using Softr and SmartSuite. Learn to simplify client management, improve collaboration, and provide an efficient platform for clients to access their information.

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Hi Jakub,

Thank you for this list of what is currently available and what will be next. As I am contemplating to switch from Airtable to Smartsuite, I’d like to know about Softr’s functionalities with Airtable that do not (yet) exist with Smartsuite? Do you have an overview/roadmap available?

Note that the list that you mentioned gives me the impression that the beta functionality may already be suitable for me to switch, but I don’t know what I don’t know about Softr’s readiness for Smartsuite :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Hello @thijs,

From our perspective, the above list covers the Airtable <> SmartSuite functionality. There might be further slight mismatches – we’ll learn them on the go, and discuss case by case.

I’d suggest making a copy of your Airtable app, trying to “rewire” a few pages and blocks using SmartSuite as a data source, and see if you’re stuck anywhere. Hopefully not, and if yes – let us know.

Hi Jakub, am I wrong if I assume you provide within your map block OSM and GMAPS integration as you do with Airtable? I like the simplicity of smartsuites address fields, but I am really concerned building an application just connecting it to Google Maps only. We are heavily working with lon/lat coordinate integration, which we can adjust if we want to.

Hi @Klaus, once we implement map blocks for SmartSuite, we’ll follow the same principles as with Airtable, so you’ll be able to use text-based lon/lat fields.

That’s promising. Thank you, Jakub.