SmartSuite as a data source (beta)

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of a new data source - SmartSuite!

With this beta release, just as with Airtable and Google Sheets, you can create stunning apps with beautiful design, action-packed logic, and granular access control – all powered by your SmartSuite data. Read more about the launch in this blog post.

What’s in beta:

  • connecting with SmartSuite via OAuth
  • read & write actions (create, read, update, one-click update, delete)
  • 2-way user sync
  • supported dynamic blocks: list, list details, table, forms, and summary cards
  • eSignature field

Next iterations:

  • remaining blocks like kanban, calendar, comments, charts, inbox, org, map
  • auto-sync options for inline filters

Try SmartSuite as a data source, and share your feedback, questions, or bugs in the comments.

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Learning SmartSuite

Join us for a practical webinar where we’ll show you how to create a client portal tailored to your business needs using Softr and SmartSuite. Learn to simplify client management, improve collaboration, and provide an efficient platform for clients to access their information.

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Hi Jakub,

Thank you for this list of what is currently available and what will be next. As I am contemplating to switch from Airtable to Smartsuite, I’d like to know about Softr’s functionalities with Airtable that do not (yet) exist with Smartsuite? Do you have an overview/roadmap available?

Note that the list that you mentioned gives me the impression that the beta functionality may already be suitable for me to switch, but I don’t know what I don’t know about Softr’s readiness for Smartsuite :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Hello @thijs,

From our perspective, the above list covers the Airtable <> SmartSuite functionality. There might be further slight mismatches – we’ll learn them on the go, and discuss case by case.

I’d suggest making a copy of your Airtable app, trying to “rewire” a few pages and blocks using SmartSuite as a data source, and see if you’re stuck anywhere. Hopefully not, and if yes – let us know.

Hi Jakub, am I wrong if I assume you provide within your map block OSM and GMAPS integration as you do with Airtable? I like the simplicity of smartsuites address fields, but I am really concerned building an application just connecting it to Google Maps only. We are heavily working with lon/lat coordinate integration, which we can adjust if we want to.

Hi @Klaus, once we implement map blocks for SmartSuite, we’ll follow the same principles as with Airtable, so you’ll be able to use text-based lon/lat fields.

That’s promising. Thank you, Jakub.

:tada: An Inbox block is now supported for SmartSuite.

Any new feedback for the integration?

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Any update on the comments blocks for smartsuite

Hey @Josho, we’re progressing with the new block releases for SmartSuite (about to release a Calendar block soon). Can you share your comment block use case?

Simple clean way in Softr client portal for a comments on a smartsuite task that sync to the related smartsuite records “Open Comments” in SS. Vs now have a separate 1-M table in SS . Hope that helps

Quick question on this, @Jakub. In the same email that went out was this exciting announcement:

Redirect user to intended page after sign-in

Previously, if a user was prompted to sign in when trying to access a gated page, they would always be redirected to the same page after signing in (based on your setting), which was not a desirable experience.

We have now improved this flow: Softr apps can now remember the specific page each user is trying to access and take them directly there after sign-in!

However, I don’t see that on your website and I cannot figure out how to implement this in Studio. I tested it in case this was an automatic change, but that does not seem to be the case either. Help is appreciated!

Thanks for the detail!

Please check this update help doc article → Page Rules – Softr Help Docs and let me know if it clarifies. Otherwise please reach out to our support team to troubleshoot.

Thanks @Jakub. It clarifies but it is not working for me. I will reach out to support

:calendar: Calendar block is now supported for SmartSuite :tada:

My usual ask → please share your feedback about the integration - anything’s missing?

To recap, it seems that the auto-redirect after sign in is not yet working properly with Google Sign In.

Thanks for letting us know @mb12142329! The team has now fixed Sign in with Google for: Sign-in with Google block, Sign up / Sign in blocks with Sign in with Google option turned on. Please check.

It works for me now. Thank you, it’s a huge improvement for users/