Request: Push Item Details values as parameters on Open URL buttons on Item List blocks

Problem: have a repeatable pattern sitewide which is quickly becoming unmanageable where each time I need to change a New Record form or an Edit Record form I need to make the change in over a dozen places. What I would like to be able to do is use a single Form page and push the item details data to it using query parameters, but not from the Item Details block, rather from the lower-level Item List or other Dynamic blocks on the page.

When using Dynamic blocks, you can choose fields from the Item Details block at the top of the page to help filter and render the block. You can even use those fields to Add a Record in a Top Bar button. But you cannot use those fields in any other Top Bar buttons, specifically Open URL.

Existing UI’s and features available in Add Record.

Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 4.24.53 PM

What I propose is an editor similar to Add a Record where you select the fields to be pushed in the URL as query parameters.

On open:
Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 5.02.11 PM

After selecting the first two fields to include

A solution like this will provide the ability to send any item details parameters to any url, regardless of the block in which it is placed. This could be extended to ALL buttons, not just Topbar buttons.

(forgive the poor drawings, but should get you there)

When you open URL usually you can choose a field within your dataset that contains the URL (if it is a list details block). Is it:

a) a solution on your list details block to construct the URL in your dataset with all params required?
b) if it is, Passing URL Parameters Through a Softr Form this post talks about the possibility of passing tokens in the open external URL action and how its not a feature yet. +1 on this request :slight_smile: for perhaps a different approach? something like :{Value}

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This is not specifically to create a URL inside of a List Details block since that block has access to all those details fields and can essentially perform this functionality (how I am having to solve the problem).

This is to create a URL on other dynamic blocks where a page has a List Details block at the top.

In other words, when you have other dynamic blocks, the other lists and their Top Bar buttons already have access to the List Details fields, such as with the Add Record button. But these values are not available when creating an “Open URL” button. Why? or better, Why not?

For example, I should be able to do this:

Have a page, Add Note, which has one form on it. It has 10 hidden fields which are linked to the query parameters in the url.

Have an Item Details page with and additional dynamic block down further on the page, eg List of Notes. Then I should be able to build the URL as a button within that dynamic block Top Bar linking to the Add Note page, adding the parameters from the Item Details Record at the top of the page.

rather than just specifying the URL as

I should be able to dynamically generate something like this[recordid]&address1=[address1]&link-feature1=[link-feature1]&link-feature2=[link-feature2]

The form ingests the values of the parameters into the hidden fields. Various pages can then use the same form which may have different AirTable field “links” or other fields needing to be stored in the Notes database table.

To further embrace and extend this feature, the ability to carry forward query parameters on the current details page URL would be excellent, so would passing forward the referring page URL, and also append these parameters to a URL you specify in the input field with query parameters.

Some of this can be done through custom coding, but why? Let’s make it no-code friendly!