Passing URL Parameters Through a Softr Form

Question: How can I pass parameters through the URL with a Softr customizable form submission?

I am building an onboarding experience that requires two form submissions on two separate pages
Page 1) users submit their website URL in Softr Form 1
Page 2) users submit their email address in Softr Form 2 (along with the hidden value from Softr Form 1 as captured from the URL params)

The problem I am solving for is passing the response from Form 1 through the URL parameters so it can be captured within a hidden field of Softr Form 2.

Is there a script I can add to pass the response of Softr Form 1 through the URL parameters? The URL would look like this (?

Note: This onboarding experience is for non-logged in users who do not yet have an account.

Platforms like Unbounce allow me to pass form submission response through the URL parameters which can then be captured within a hidden field on Softr Page 2, but I cannot figure out how to do this with a Softr form.

See this form for example on Unbounce – it submits the response through the URL:

It looks like you have already got the submittedurl parameter working, so what you need is some custom code on that page with the second form that copies the value of that parameter into a form field. Rather than making it hidden, I would actually suggest making the URL field of the second form visible and editiable, and pre-populating it with the value of the submittedurl parameter. This lets the user edit it if they made a typo on the previous page.

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Thanks, David - I appreciate the new perspective! It make sense to keep the URL field visible and editable on Step 2.

We will implement this as a fix and split-test to see how it affects signup conversion rates.

And yes, our submittedurl parameter does work (passes through the URL and stores as a hidden field) when using a non-Softr form on Step 1 such as the Unbounce form at

Thanks for the suggestion.

If anyone knows how to submit URL parameters with a Softr form that would still be very helpful for us.


I am trying to achieve something similar. Can someone explain how to get form values from a form on page 1 into the URL that takes the user to page 2? Thank you!

On the first step… how did you include the value of the URL into the URL used to open external URL ???
What did you do to have the submittedurl parameter working ???
Would you mind sharing your tip ??? :slight_smile: Thanks in advance !