Redirection after Signup - does not seem to work


This is a simple and common scenario, but for some reason it doesn’t work in my app. I have set the page rules to goto Account Settings page after Sign up. But it does not go there, instead it just goes to a different page. What am I missing? Is it getting overridden elsewhere? By default, a new member is of “Member” type and that’s added in Airtable.

Below is my page rules:

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Hey @prettycold perhaps share more details of that “My Library” page, there might be something missing with filters or conditions.

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After Sign up I need to take my users to Account settings page. Instead it goes to the Book Directory page which is not configured anywhere. It doesn’t go to My Library too.

It goes here on Sign Up:

@prettycold try to go to that page settings and edit field “Visibility”

@gfranco You mean visibility for this Books page?

@prettycold yes right there, in top of your page on the left side, you will find a wheel icon to edit page setting. Click there to see options.

Yep, it’s the same as I posted.

Can you check or share “Account settings” page?

Here it is:

try to set “all users” in page settings

Tried that. I changed to All users in Account Settings page, still when I signed up as a new user, it does not take me to Account Settings :face_with_peeking_eye:

Quite strange!

As I can’t see your databases in Airtable or Google Sheets, the most aproppiate is to ask support from Softr team opening a ticket.

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Sure, will do. Thank you so much for taking the time to look into this.

Hi @prettycold

Previously, if a user was prompted to sign in when trying to access a gated page, they would always be redirected to the same page after signing in (based on your setting), which was not a desirable experience.

We have now improved this flow: Softr apps can now remember the specific page each user is trying to access and take them directly there after sign-in.

Maybe this is what you’re seeing in your application? Does the user flow of the above match what you’re seeing with your users?

@Jjenglert - In my case, there is a common home page (not gated), and there is a button to Sign Up on top right corner. When a new user Signs up, I want to take them to the “User profile” page as part of Onboarding process. But then, it goes to a different page (this one is gated) which has not been set in any rule.

Long story short, in my case, for a new user I don’t think there can be a preference of pages to see the first time they sign up. Does this answer your question?

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Darn - the configuration you showed above looks like they should be going to the account settings page like you laid out. Unfortunately you might need to escalate this to support now so they can get their hands on it and see what’s going on.

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Sure @Jjenglert , will do! Thanks for the help.

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