Redirect Users Visiting Sign In Page While Signed In

When a user is already signed in and visits a Sign In page, how do you automatically redirect them to, for example, the your home page?

A lot of SAAS apps do this, but I don’t see a way to do this in Softr.

I’m currently using a work around on my Sign In page that displays a message to users that are already signed in to click on a button to go to the Home page.


Here is the solution: Complete guide: Redirect users to the page they were before signing up/signing in + onboarding use case

This is the best way for many apps.

Although, note that there is a way more simple thing to do = set the redirection directly inside the sign in block (so all your users will always be redirected to a unique page).
Most of the time it is more adapted to client portals and internal tools, where there is really nothing to see before sign up/ sign in.

You can also user user groups redirection (inside “users” in the left panel in the softr studio)