Redirect to sign up and back to original page

Has anyone figured out a way to redirect users to the sign up page and then back to the page they signed up for?

Is there a way to maybe open a modal and when you click on sign up the modal closes? Or anything similar?

Thanks so much!

Hi Tim,

I assume this is not exactly your use case? Complete guide: Redirect users to the page they were before signing up/signing in + onboarding use case


Hi Tim

I solved this by adding a sign-up block directly in the page you want the logged in member seeing after signup.

So you have:
Block 1: set visibility to only to non-logged in users, which shows the sign up block. Set the re-direct on the signup block to the same page they are already on (this will cause a page refresh while re-classifying them as a logged in user)
Block 2: set visibility to all logged in users, which shows the page you want to show after sign up

I hope that makes sense

Oh that’s pretty straight forward! But I have rules for pages after sign-up / log in, those will overwrite the rule of the sign up block, no?

yes, I removed all the global rules and added bespoke behaviours for any page that is reachable without a login.

(the global rules didn’t work for many use cases I had, e.g. they don’t allow you to specify the list details page that the user should land on after signin.
So let’s say the user viewed a specific member’s profile but needs to log in to contact that member. In that case after they log in you would want them to still see that specific profile as we as a contact form. So I would add the contact form below the list details page of that member, made it visible to logged-in users only and added the signin block visible to non-logged in users)

Hmm okay, in my case, I need the global rules for member types unfortunately, so that will be tough to manage. Also, if you change the sign-up form, it will be a mess to update it everywhere. I think I’d need a smoother solution.

That might actually work somehow, I’ll dig a bit deeper :slight_smile: Thanks so much Matthieu!