Redeploy visibility settings on sign up blocks

The latest sign up block update has removed visibility settings. Please have visibility settings redeployed for all user types (i.e. All Users, Logged In users, Non Logged In users). This update EXCLUDES sign up use cases where creators want to give users, clients, and customers the ability to sign up other members.

Hello Ben,

Sign up block is available for Non logged in users, the logic is that only the non-logged in users need to see the Signup block.

Logged in users cannot see the sign up block, there is no logic here and in All users the logged in users are included, so it’s not needed as well.

It’s not a bug, it’s just how it works.

And for user creation automation made by other users of your app => Internal apps and client portals: how to automate the user creation with

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Hi Suzie,

I realize it is not a bug, however there is no category in the community to address updates that have significantly changed the functionality of blocks. The logic you mentioned is NEW logic for sign up blocks that has changed and limited the functionality to the logic you mentioned. Up until this update and over the last few years, logged in users could in fact see the sign up block when creators have access to the visibility settings.

With this new update, creators have lost the access to assign visibility and give their LOGGED IN users the freedom to sign up others.

Screenshot 2023-07-06 12.34.38 PM

This not only limits the functionality of sign up, but reduces the use cases, business models, and the power of Softr as a client/customer portal. Sign up blocks use to let vetted logged-in users sign up others, but with the update it does not. As a loyal, paying, business user, I ask that Softr reconsider the logic and simply reinstate the visibility settings on sign up blocks back to the way they were since this feature was a pivotal aspect of my business modal.

Yes I had noticed the same visibility limitation on updated signup block. :sweat_smile:

I assumed that this change will stay on, and since softr now offers ‘users’ two-way sync, then I had to rewrite signup blocks with regular form block to allow logged-in users to signup other users.

I was kind of missing when users could not signup other users to the app, without losing the session in the process. Now the process has a smoother flow.

One thing though that I want to call attention to is how new blocks like ‘table’ are not accepting certain file types as values for the fields, where they use to work just fine, for example airtable button filed type can no longer be mapped

So how do you enable users, signed up by logged-in users, to log in when Softr’s form blocks do not have password fields?

@Ben and @acjnas, I guess we need to understand your use case a bit better. Can you pls share how the signup block is used by logged-in users?

Hi ben,

Your softer app con signup users without passwords or magic links, making use of the ‘Sign in with code’ block .

Hi Artur. It’s very straightforward:

  1. A VETTED logged in user signs up another trusted user with a sign up block.
  2. The vetted user logs out since they are now logged in as the user they signed up for.
  3. The vetted user then gives the password to the signed up user.
  4. The signed up user then signs in with their email and the password they were given

*This case was possible when creators had access to visibility settings on sign up blocks before the last update.