Preview wrong when posting on Social

See this thread -

This means anything I post on LinkedIn, Twitter etc. ignores all dynamic content and images.

Hey John,

Thanks for sharing, will need to do a few checkups with the tech team as well, will keep you posted.

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this is happening to me too now

Hey @Mygrate,

Will you please confirm if you have set the Title, Description and Social image in Page settings > Social section?

@Suzie What would be the correct settings?

@Mygrate what’s the URL and what social system fails the preview ?

@artur this is one of several examples

I checked and seems to be correct ?

This is what it looks like on LinkedIn

Could it be something with your account ? Recordit: Record screencasts fast & free! with GIF Support! ?

Even did a posting :slight_smile:

Not sure.
This is happening with another account and on Twitter and Facebook