Preview wrong when posting on social (LinkedIn etc.)

Would any of you have an idea why any links I post on linkedin / twitter etc. don’t show up with the right title?


I get

But I would have expected the title to be “Cloudless Ep 2 with Bernard Golden” along with his picture.

Note - the top block of these pages is “List details page with image slider” and is fed from Airtable. Note that when you go to the page the text in the browser tab is the title. But as you see here, all you get is the site info and not the post.


Is that page behind a login? Nope never mind, I see it’s not.

Can you post a screen shot of your database table so we can see if your SEO columns are named correctly?

Here you go. Note that the slug is auto calculated from the episode title (not the SEO title)


Also, here is a card view of the table

I did a little testing using and what I see there is a little differenbt from what you’re reporting. On that site it looks like it’s correctly displaying the description field for everything except LinkedIn.

My guess is that you have done everything right on your end, but the various meta tags and other elements related to social media aren’t set up right on the Softr side.

But if you are seeing the problem anywhere else besides LinkedIn, can you post a screen shot?

Yeah, the LinkedIn post inspector is looking for this:
<meta property="og:description" content="Find the cloud solutions and services you need. ">

Where in your app is that “Find the cloud solutions and services you need” string?

It’s in page settings / social for home

That’s static of course and doesn’t work for dynamic posts.

So Softr is only presenting the data that’s in the page settings, so if the page is dynamic then it ignores the dynamic content.

It seems like Softr is pulling the wrong data for this one meta tag. @suzie I think this is a bug.

Might be worth it to try deleting those values from site settings and see if that makes any difference.

I agree but also needs to know what image to display when posting on Social.

Posted link to this thread under bug reports

Are you sure this affects other services besides LinkedIn?

Slack and Twitter too. Twitter it doesn’t even pull the page data - just posts the link

That’s surprising. Did you look at the site? it seems to indicate that it’s finding the correct values for Twitter.

This is what I get:

And here is something from the Softr blog - how it shows on metatag

The title and image are what I need to see on Twitter. Not the site name.

I can go to static pages for posts and podcasts, but not for my directory (6800+ listings). This will crush my SEO completely.

Thanks for mentioning @dcoletta, will check this on our end and keep you posted on Monday.

Hi Suzie - not sure this ever got resolved. Any update? Still a really bad look when I post on social and for google indexing. As noted above, if I can’t resolve this I will have to move to a different platform. My directory needs to be strong on SEO otherwise it’s completely a waste of effort.

This is how it looks when I paste the link to one of my company listings in the directory.

Have you added those in Airtable ? List Details - Softr Docs

Thanks @artur that seems to have done the trick. Not sure why the SEO fields didn’t work for this.

@Suzie I believe I’m having the same issues here - the social links aren’t posting the proper preview that I’ve set in Social.