Personal access tokens Airtable

Hello, when can we use personal access tokens on softr? I saw this information on Airtable. Thanks

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End of this quarter softr will support new oauth tokens and you can replace then your keys with Auth tokens.


Is this still on track?

Still waiting on this - at risk of having my access shut down from internal security team if we don’t get this sorted in the next 30D (if not sooner).

If you are not expecting a migration framework for on going apps to do this, any app can already accept PATS as data sources.


I’ve recently come across your message regarding the upcoming migration of the Rtable API and the use of PATS as data sources. I must admit, I am having some difficulty fully understanding the implications and the technical aspects of this information.

Could you please provide some further explanations or perhaps some resources where I could get a clearer understanding?

Thank you in advance for your help.

We’re also waiting for this feature to be released!
Do you have any idea of when it’s going to happen?
Thanks for your answer!

We just did an announcement here: Airtable API Key Changes

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